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  1. We are a faction within Star Wars Role-play (SWRP) in Second life. We are a group of like-minded individuals, who have come together to role-play, Hapes is a tiny bits of the Galaxy far far away, but it offers, plenty. A great environment compose of 63 systems, with a unique culture, and heritage. The Hapes cluster is full with adventure, and many possibilities for good storytelling, political intrigue, and lot of conflict. Interested? Come join us! Check out our free website: https://hapesconsortiumswrp.weebly.com/ Contact: Selene Weatherwax in world for more info
  2. Hello, I am currently looking for a creator to help me create an uniform for my group. We play in SWRP, and currently looking for a unique look. We have some ideas, but would like someone to make it into world. Please, contact me in world or leave me a message here.. Selene Weatherwax
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