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  1. Yep. I am back in. Not dismissing we may have issues again.
  2. I got in in phoenix mode (edit: after the previous exchange).. but brain hurts. I logged out ( I know.. horror) and then got back in first try with firestorm mode.
  3. Hey, was worth a try. No stress, and the servers need to be gotten working anyway. Nothing to be sorry about.
  4. I am checking them now and then. Eating lunch. Facebook. Talking to fiancé. Taking dogs out. a..brand new day?
  5. 10-4 good buddy. About the hours they shut down on Wednesdays too..
  6. I don't might have been a bit just before my time. But then again..might be memory. 2006 was a while ago.
  7. And now in the wild world of the web, we see an op who is doing the instinctive behavior known as 'whining'. This is a new development in the evolution of this generation, and an unwelcome one. Their forefathers have en masse bought out all of the neck supports from injuries from shaking their heads. If you know a loved one suffering from insufferable neckitis , please, assure them. Do not escalate. Their gums are razor sharp. Seriously.. even if it lasts a bit its 2 days. And they could legally shut down all money transferring out at any point anyway. Compared to the old maintenance days and the issues with flexiprims, the mirror disaster..this is nothing.
  8. Watch it be something they fixed , blocking the ddos attack, then rolling restart undid it
  9. Got in this morning long enough to talk..now can't again.
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