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  1. they just came out and its still doing it..
  2. Every time I log in today I get a moment of logged in then lose connection. Anyone else?
  3. Yep. I am back in. Not dismissing we may have issues again.
  4. I got in in phoenix mode (edit: after the previous exchange).. but brain hurts. I logged out ( I know.. horror) and then got back in first try with firestorm mode.
  5. Hey, was worth a try. No stress, and the servers need to be gotten working anyway. Nothing to be sorry about.
  6. I am checking them now and then. Eating lunch. Facebook. Talking to fiancé. Taking dogs out. a..brand new day?
  7. 10-4 good buddy. About the hours they shut down on Wednesdays too..
  8. I don't might have been a bit just before my time. But then again..might be memory. 2006 was a while ago.
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