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  1. Since July 1 I have been selling products on the Marketplace and they are not transferring the payments to me or to my "partner". I did a report on July 2 and July 8 about this issue, I was told that they were working to resolve ASAP, but we are already on July 11 and I keep making sales without receiving payments, I am very worried about it, my loss already amounts 917 lindens and I do not know if I will be refunded. I am sending herewith a spreadsheet with the numbers of orders not received. I've read hundreds of forums and visited various links and nothing cleared my doubts. Should I trust that the problem will be resolved and I will receive the payments? Should I make changes in the settings of my products and remove the partner commission? Any advice?
  2. Yes, it happened to me, I sold 2 products in July 1 and 2 and I have not been paid. I checked the Marketplace Transactions History and the products were delivered normally, but no linden in my account. I opened a ticket, they said they would fix... Today I sold 3 more products and still not receiving payment.
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