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  1. Full region (not grandfathered for sale). This is perfect if you wish to save the setup costs from Linden Labs. Next Tier due 12/4/2017 Prim: 30,000 (can be lowered if you do not wish to pay the higher monthly fee) You Pay $300 USD and I will cover the $100 Transfer Fee! This saves you $300 over the setup fee for a new sim! Message me in-world or send an email to: astrea.jupiter@gmail.com
  2. I have a full sim (non-grandfathered) for sale. $400 (I pay the transfer fee) which will save you $200 from the direct purchase from Lindens. Please message me in world or send an email to astrea.jupiter@gmail.com.
  3. Full 30K sim for sale. This sim is not grandfathered, however, this purchase will save you $200US over buying direct. Asking $300 for sim. You pay $100 transfer fee for a total of $400USD. This saves you $200USD. Message in-world to "Astrea Jupiter" or send email to: astrea.jupiter@gmail.com
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