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  1. Hi Zen I'm always happy to meet new people and have fun, I enjoy doing pretty much anything so if you wanna chat and hang feel free to add me
  2. Hi Xossi! We have a lot of things in common.. all that paragraph... tho i'm not new to creating mesh and could give you a few tips and tricks (as long as they are not creating mesh clothing related lol but hey i can try to) I'd love to be your friend
  3. Hi, you both sound like lot of fun. I'm always looking for more active friends and I like your vlogs on youtube! I'm slowly starting out myself, still finding my ground, it would be fun to get new friends to hang out with :)
  4. ~Sky Dream Rentals~ Your Dream Can Be Reality Cheap, affordable sky home for rent available on beautiful, fully private residential sky land. Sky Dream rentals feature high quality furnished homes at the best rental sale price. You can chose from two options which ever suits your best needs. We have Fully furnished houses (Uptown house) and un-furnished houses (Glenridge house) ✿Glenridge House✿ Glenridge House (UN-FURNISHED) with large open plan living areas and kitchen space. One bathroom downstairs that can be used as another bedroom or study. Entry to large g
  5. Hi Rio wehave quite few things in common i messaged you in-world hope SL wont eat it
  6. this is me 100% of the time hahahaha and also asking for sex and being annoying can be the same thing, so if you start a convo with hi and follow up with wanna **** i will definitely block them haha
  7. Hi Tess! I'd like to be your friend, we got some of the things in common, I'll message you, I like trouble hehe!
  8. Oops haven't checked the forum in a while! It's so weird it doesn't let you find me I'll message you!
  9. hiiii I LOVE LOVE LOVE pink too! and tho i'm like 7 or 8 hours ahead of you I'd love to hang out and chat! I'll message you in-world
  10. Hi I felt like was reading my profile lol most of the things you typed we have in common i like RP too, even lived on RP family sim for a while where I liked to get into trouble feel free to IM me if you wanna hang out and go see places or just talk.
  11. hi Kelsey! Feel free to give me a shout in-world too
  12. i can only agree with you. It wouldn't be the first time I see this kind of thing happen, when a guy in SL misleads a woman just for sex. We can only guess what you said to her for 45 minutes to get her to go with you and when the 'thing' was done she became old news for you. I think she would have reacted diferently if she knew what she signs up for.
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