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  1. Well, try some time just zooming out the map and double clicking. See where you land. Sometimes it's not so great but I've discovered some very cool places doing that. Generally I start with the click then walk or ride my horse from wherever I land. I did so tonight and happened upon route 10 which is quite an interesting stretch of road, and ironically, after following it for almost an hour, I found myself just a couple parcels from my own home. Now why hadn't I found this before? I've ridden my horse around quite a bit. That wasn't the end of it, I inspected the map a little closer and saw that there was another road near my home also. I trotted Chessie across the field and picked up the other road which to my amazement, went underwater through a glass tunnel for the equivelent of what would be a couple miles were it real life. I continued on and soon came to a comunity and wound up talking with a friendly shop owner for about an hour. All in all a pleasant experience and it helped renew my sense of adventure. On the flipside, Mainland can be interesting in terms of those who happen along to your own place if you don't keep security that rival's fort knox. I've met some rather interesting folks that happened along. And yea, a handful had to be removed via the access list but generally not in my experience. Most are usually people just exploring around like I like to do. I'll usually go outside and speak to someone if I see them there. And then there was the time a couple decided they could live in the house because no one was home when they found it, lol. That kind of thing does happen but it's usually a good opportunity to teach newcomers a little about how SL works.
  2. Itazura Radio wrote: That won't get you real support. That will actually get you no support. Spend $5000? Now THAT will get you some support. It's sad, but true. what else is sad but true is that this was probably the correct answer. Else we wouldn't be seeing bullhonky like new residents getting stuck with 'Resident' for a last name. And yes, that is one of the other reasons. anyhoo. gave ya correct answer points. cheers and as to your sig. Double the prims and half the rent and I'll consider it. I'm a prim junkie
  3. Phone support says they don't see the transaction in question. It's right on the top of my billing summary! For a week now I have been waiting for resolution to a ticket submitted over a lindenx transaction in which I recieved a confirmation of, show details at payal and a very clear record that nothing was recieved via LindenX. all info was loaded to an attached file on the original ticket. For this and other reasons, I'm about to dump my mailand holdings and go back to a basic account, IF I even stay here. They botched transaction RUINED my SL christmas. There's nothing they can do to rectify that, no matter what they try, but for godsake don't hold a person's money ransom while you scratch your head figuring out what went wrong. Yes, find the glitch but take care of the customer 1st. sheesh.Customer suppoert 101 GRRR
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