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  1. When I enter the process credit, there is only paypal option, as u see under this writing: PayPal n/a No PayPal in your country? Is it normal or may it be caused by a circumstance of my country?
  2. Hello again, If have my credit card info on file & US$s in my cash are these US$s automatically transferred into my credit card or should i make a process credit request? And a last question, which is faster: withdrawal by abank wire transfer or using paypal? As i read from your knowledge base: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/Account-balance/ta-p/700015 it is trying to say that paypal is faster, did i understand truely?
  3. Today, I offered to sell my lindens, how much does it take the average to be transferred to my Lindex account & can i cancel this offer?
  4. If i buy some Lindens using "moneybookers" then even if i've used the moneybookers, cannot i receive payment for the money which i have in my Lindex account ?
  5. I am not a premium member. Ok. i am filling it. Did you remove the payment method paypal for FREE accounts ? I tried it with an alt & there is no option for entering payment method in the "billing info."
  6. yes i am out of US. i did not use a paypal account before. Only a credit card i've used. I have money in Lindex but i cannot withdrawing it because of this problem.
  7. I have a verified paypal account and i used a credit card info before. Now, the credit card i've used is a closed account. I have a new credit card and opened a verified paypal account with it. I am Trying to delete my existing credit card info. that i used before and continue with my paypal account. But when i do that, after the agreement screen on paypal, it says "u r successfuly made an agreement with Linden Research Lab." and then i am clickin' on the "Return to this store Linden Researc" then my account is loading on SL site, system says that : "An error occurred
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