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  1. Thorklin (RC Magnum) got turned off at 10:00am EST but someone forgot to turn it back on again. I've filed a support ticket at 15:00 EST (40+ minutes ago) but no response yet.
  2. Same for the region I call home; Thorklin has been Magnum RC since I moved in three years ago but this morning it rolled onto the main channel.
  3. Thanks Ayesha, It looks like someone has restarted the region and things appear to be better now. Cheers!
  4. Thorklin region (Magnum RC) seems to be having problems since the roll. Inventory not loading, (some) mesh objects not rezzing, and you can't teleport or walk out of the region. If you log in elsewhere then teleport into Thorklin, you can get in, but you can't get out again.
  5. Thorklin region has been down now for approaching 4 hours. No word on the grid status page that the restarts have stalled or broken though. I've never seen the wednesday restarts take this long before. Usually it's 40 minutes to an hour at most.
  6. After today's restart we're having some unusual new problems in Thorklin (a Magnum region). Inventory wouldn't load, groups wouldn't appear, and land parcel data does not load. Further, mesh objects are not rezzing. They are 'there', as in they can be bumped into, right clicked and that sort of thing, but they are just not rezzing in the viewer. Is this related to today's restart? Or a separate issue?
  7. Hi Maestro, This has fixed the control / mouselook problem we were having in Thorklin. Thank you so much for getting this fixed! I owe you and Kelly a beer -Atashi
  8. Thanks for the quick answer Maestro, I have a similar result to your test script. I had made one myself and it worked fine both rezed on the ground or worn as a hud (or worn on my hand). I don't know yet what the exact combination is that is causing the failure. The vehicles I have tested are calling llGetAgentInfo from inside a control event, and the weapons I have tested call it inside a timer event. The vehicles have a changed event, so do the weapons. I have tried recompiling scripts in the vehicles and it has not solved the problem. I'll keep playing around with it as time permits. I didn't file a JIRA yet because I haven't been able to come up with a solid repro or testcase. The two you linked to do sound to be exactly what I am seeing - the scripts in question simply aren't reliably detecting that the agent is in mouselook. Edited to add: for a demonstration, I have two boat rezzers here: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Thorklin/53/138/21 Swamp boats and Jetskis. They are in Thorklin, a Magnum RC region. Due west is Frumatay, which is on the normal SL server. If you hop on a boat and use mouselook, it does not steer well any more in Thorklin, but if you go west into Frumatay it steers fine in mouselook. It works in both regions when you are not in mouselook. The tell is there is a hovertext on the boat which displays health. When you are in mouselook, the text moves to the bow; in normal view the hovertext is at the stern. Only now, the hovertext flickers back and forth in mouselook as the script can no longer detect consistently that the driver is in mouselook.
  9. This is a new wierd bug that's cropped up in the Magnum region I call home, following today's restart. llGetAgentInfo is no longer consistently returning AGENT_MOUSELOOK information when called from objects attached to the avatar. Eg. in vehicles, or worn objects. This is a killer for driving vehicles in mouselook, because the right-left keys that turn you left and right function completely differently in mouselook. I have boats that drive the same whether you are in mouselook or not, AWSD keys or arrow-keys, by monitoring if the driver is in mouselook and swapping the functions of those calls. Now they no longer work right in mouselook. They continue to work fine in non-mouselook mode, and they work fine in the neighboring non-Magnum region. I've looked at the release notes and there's nothing in there that mentions mouselook, but I'm wondering if it's something to do with being attached (worn or sat upon)? Perhaps whatever was done to fix the bug mentioned in the release notes, has broken the llGetAgentInfo / mouselook function. What it seems to do exactly is sometimes (randomly, inconsistently) it indicates the agent is not in mouselook, even if they are. Again this only happens if the script containing the object is attached (worn or sat upon). I'm still testing but this will kill my boats and probably other vehicles / wearables too if it stays like this. Cheers Edited to add: Still testing, it might be dependant on llGetAgentInfo being called inside a control event. I'm trying to narrow it down.
  10. I have experienced this too, but it's been intermittent, rare, and I haven't been able to reproduce it. I make and use boats quite a bit in SL and have done so since 2007; these bizzare haywire problems on sim crossings are definitely new. Past two months or maybe a bit earlier. It's a physics problem (specifically a vehicle parameters problem I think), and in my experience, the script itself is still functioning but the physics is completely messed up. Example - driving a boat from one sim to the next, after the crossing it drops like a rock till it hits the ground level. The script is still working, the control event is still firing, as evidenced by the rudder turning left and right in response to the arrow keys, and the forward/back keys still trigger the motor sounds and particle effects. The boat is still physical, and obviously still effected by sim 'gravity' since it fell till it hit the ground. But the vehicle parameters all seem to have failed. The boat no longer hovers at the set height above water, and the linear and angular motors are not working as it no longer moves in response to controls.
  11. Is there a problem with the RC roll today? My home region Thorklin has been offline for nearly 2 hours, usually it's only 30 - 45 minutes on a rolling restart. Thorklin is on RC Magnum. Edited to add: Hehe nevermind. No sooner had I posted this, then the region came back up. Still, it was an exceptionally long downtime for the restart. Or it seemed so to me.
  12. In my home region, which is a Magnum region, since last Saturday I have been experiencing numerous 'crashes' where I am logged out with the message: You have been logged out of Second Life: This region may be experiencing trouble. Please check your connection to the Internet. To reproduce this error all I have to do is log in to my home, sit quietly in my skybox and do nothing but chat with friends in IM. Within 10 minutes to an hour, I get the PING and I'm out. This does not happen in other regions - I have been able to sit in an adjacent region and do nothing but IM without any problems. Looking at my viewer logs, they are full of 404 errors like this: 2013-05-03T14:49:28Z INFO: LLCurl::completedRaw: Failed to deserialize LLSD. https://sim10205.agni.lindenlab.com:12043/cap/001d73ff-11f1-1b70-e2f0-0c838c17ff5e/?ids=e2b602b9-615c-4337-95bc-20e3aae5792f [404]: Not Found 2013-05-03T14:49:28Z WARNING: LLAvatarNameResponder::error: Error. Status: 404 - Reason: Not Found 2013-05-03T14:49:32Z INFO: idle: Kills on unknown objects: 156 2013-05-03T14:49:36Z INFO: LLCurl::completedRaw: Failed to deserialize LLSD. https://sim10205.agni.lindenlab.com:12043/cap/37e82b0b-7cdc-20e9-8e5f-edbe79f60882 [404]: Not Found 2013-05-03T14:49:36Z WARNING: LLEventPollResponder::errorWithContent: Error at count: 1 - status: 404 - reason: Not Found - content: {'reason':'Not Found'} 2013-05-03T14:49:36Z INFO: LLEventPollResponder::stop: Event poll stopped at count: 1 - URL: https://sim10205.agni.lindenlab.com:12043/cap/37e82b0b-7cdc-20e9-8e5f-edbe79f60882 2013-05-03T14:49:36Z WARNING: LLEventPollResponder::errorWithContent: Forcing disconnect due to stalled main region event poll. Finally, I have tested this from work to ensure it wasn't a problem with my home connection / network / ISP. Same problem, the only common denominator is that it's a Magnum RC region. The region name by the way is Thorklin. Is this something that will hopefully be fixed soon? Needless to say it's very frustrating to be paying for land and being unable to use it.
  13. Those sorts of graphical glitches look like corrupted cached sculpts. I get that now and then, sculpt maps in my cache get corrupted and the object(s) go all picasso. If that is what's happening here, just clear cache and relog and it should go back to normal. Cheers!
  14. Thanks for the info -- glad to know there's supposed to be a restart warning on the RC regions. I'm wondering now if the 'more visible' notice requires some client-side changes? I'm using a tpv and if there's different code required for the new notices, maybe the viewer I'm using doesn't have it. Cheers!
  15. I remember once upon a time, when you were in a region that had a rolling restart about to happen, you'd get a popup warning. Something along the lines of "this region will restart in 5 minutes", then another one in two minutes, then a final one at the one minute mark. Then a little while back I remember there was an improvement that was going to make the restart notices 'more visible'? Last Wednesday I was in my home (Magnum RC) region and suddenly I got the 'logged out' alert / ping, but I was pretty sure there were no warnings. Today I was paying close attention and it happened again - none of the old 5 / 2 / 1 minute warnings, and no new 'more visible' warning, just PING you have been logged out. Are the RC regions not given any warning when a rolling restart hits them? Cheers
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