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  1. Yep... this is still a bad idea. I've seen most of the blogs and posts on this topic over the last few months. By rough count, over 80% of the adult residents think this is going to lead to trouble. Will there be an "I told you so" posting area on this site when the lawsuits start rolling in? I have to echo (again) most of the comments here. Kids are incredibly savvy about ways in which to overcome internet safeguards to begin with. Even if they do play by the rules and stay in general areas, have you seen what kind of avatars walk around in even those spots? Dressed in next to nothing and wearing tags that say nice teen friendly things like "hungry slut" (and I'm censoring here)! Furthermore, will a 15-year old be able to go into stores that sell "sexy" skins and clothing, found all over general areas, so they can make themselves up to be easily misrepresented as an adult? Am I going to know that I'm talking to an underage person if he/she presents themselves as otherwise? That is NOT something I want to worry about, nor am I comfortable with as a viable scenario. It seems like the official post above is actually touting that they're going to let underage members be able to talk to ANYONE in SL? The wording even makes it sound like this is somehow going to be beneficial. One click on an adult member's profile and a teen will get to see all the naughty goodies and groups posted there. Congrats Lindens, you just created an internet predator's wet dream and another online source for teens to find adult-oriented trouble. I hope, for your sakes and the sake of Second Life continuing, that I'm wrong.
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