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  1. That has happened to me (Singularity viewer) and the fix for me is to do character test. Removing items, whether in batches or one by one, does not work.
  2. I have a 2010 Macbook Pro. I can't hang with the last version of Firestorm either. I have been using Singularity now for several months and I like it. Regarding the overheating issue ... never use a MBP on your lap, a pillow, or anything soft. Get a coolpad or coolermaster or something else with a fan that will cool your MBP especially in warmer (80 degrees ... not that I remember what that feels like any more) weather. I have never "fried" a MBP in all the years I have been in SL ... and I am talking about HOURS and HOURS online.
  3. I was under the impression that when Linden Labs banned a person for such shenanigans that their IP address was also banned. I could be wrong ...
  4. Thank you Coby ... Happy New Year to you all <3
  5. Club owners that do not want voice can disable voice on their parcels. That's what I do. Problem solved.
  6. Tipping is great - whether a little or a lot - it's a tangible way of thanking folks for making the experience more fun. Lots of people depend on tips to support their SL experience. They commit to actual work - whether it is djing, hosting or dancing - arrange their SL and sometimes RL to accommodate these commitments.
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