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  1. No one is showing online when I login and I am just wondering if its just me. I saw no other posts. If I message someone I know is online they then appear online.
  2. We have attempted to contact the owners/creators of the RP multiple times to no response, what we find is that people randomly come to the sim to kill others... Like if they say, are looking for property to buy or shopping. I think there needs to be an opt out, and they can establish safe zones, one big problem is they are not allowing people to even file for an opt out unless they are part of there roleplay system. I am really stressed out. If we don't want it on our sim we should be allowed to say no? Its disruptive. Short of banning people what can we do? I to am VERY uncomfortable with "Grid-wide games where the sim owners powers are taken away." in the early days you just had to worry if combat was turned on or not. But these newer ones... hmmmm....
  3. How do we manage this angels and demons roleplay thing as a sim owner? We don't want combat on our sim, let alone people randomly showing up and attacking others, the owners of the system won't reply and we are starting to get frustrated. Any advice?
  4. Please help I have posted this before but I am posting again for help, for 2 uears a user has been spamming me by having an object IM me, I have gone to there store and tried to mute every server thing I could possibly see in there sky box to prevent the spam but to no luck. What I need to know is if muting them will stop their objects messaging me... I really don't believe I should have to mute someone to avoid being spammed, and I wish muting objects could be done when they sent you the annoying popup box. (maybe it does on the newer viewers its been a while since I updated) SIGH, at my ends :( thanks if someone can let me know. I have not muted anyone in a very, very long time. PS: hope this ended up in the right forum :\
  5. Yes, but never able to find it when I go there. Iwill try again in a few hours... *sigh* thats if I'm not banned on the parcel ;o Thanks all for the well wishes.
  6. Trust me, I didn't sign up I am 100% sure of that, I go through all my notifications with precision. Even notices! And I click deny and close on every single one. I never click accept... I have a feeling they have a box in there store just recording names of all the drop-ins, maybe a scripted auto greeter of some kind. Thing is I have asked them MANY times over the last few years to remove me from the list and they have not done so, in my country that kind of electronic spam is illigal and they can get fined and sent to do community service or even jail... Surely there should be some kind of Linden Policy against spam you can't sign down from. (Or even spam where you didn't sing up in the first place)
  7. No they are DEF online, and infact I told them once to remove me when they sent me a "happy rez day" spam and I said thanks but if you read my profile it says mention my rez day and i will mute you, (Put it up every year) GRRR!! So inconsiderate Anyway store owner is Marscha Lowey <- so if anyone knows this person tell them to get lost, please I'm tired of the spam. PS: Last im I left them i sent them L so there name was stored in my transaction history. Seeing as getting into SL cost me like 9 dollars each time since I only have mobile internet Earthquakes are not cool
  8. Right, let me put this in correctly 1) Never purchased ANYTHING from them, EVER! I don't play adult human avies so... chances I was buying latex = never... (currently I think im a tiny pink bunny holding a carrot but not able to sign in properly to see. 2) Not in there group, never have been. I have been in SL since beta an the only groups im part of are building groups. I notice that there in many scripting groups (the store owner) and I have a sneaky suspicion back in my "ZOMG ITS MATTY days" they may have just added me to their list. (For those unknown I use to help moderate and run the Builers Exchange, also Support for Healing Island, and also had my own builders group The Builders Resource Network) Its not a person thats sending me the spam it appears to be an object, I tried going to there store and finding the object to mute with no luck. I can't rez an objcet finder in there store to figure out what it is thats spamming me either. Surely its against some policy right? I mean I am no SL newbie, the end result is THESE constantly end up in my email inbox and I can't spam them because then all second life mails end up in my spam The object 'Je taime NEWS exclusive for LilMatty Althouse' has sent you a message from Second Life: <- object! So theres no way to unsubscribe... I have a feeling either 1) Its gathering a list of everyone who enters their store to spam them 2) the person is stealing names from toher group lists there in to spam them 3) They just really don't like me. and I'm a target for a reason. aybe i kicked them out of a group once or something similar.
  9. I don't want to remember my Rez Day, I don't want your valentines shoes... I don't want any of your other gifts. I have asked, and asked and ASKED the owner of Je T'aime to PLEASE remove me from there list thath as no opt out. But they never reply. They just keep spamming me. FOR OVER TWO YEARS THEY HAVE DONE THIS. Surely this should be against some linden policy? To have objects spamming people who goto a location probably once in there life time, and never go back, without an opt out? I mean... thats the purpose of groups right? So you can opt out? I haven't really been in SL for 2 years now, and I would rather the only SL messages I get be important. All my notices notifications are turned off... I left all unimportant groups, BUT THIS ONE SHOP JUST WON'T STOP! :( PS: Excuse the caps, I am just very stressed out from an earthquake, (Am in christchurch New Zealand) I lost my home, among other things its just really not a good time to have to deal with spam like this and I can't move it to my spam folder in my emails because then it puts all SL messages in there. //end rant
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