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  1. I don't see the point of the web profile. It seems completely useless The point is, you can be searched on the web, not just inside SL. For networking, it's a huge plus. I'm sure that's why the majority of people joined Second Life, so that they can be searched on the web. It's too bad people can't just find a site on the internet that's made for networking. They could call it like, Facebook or something. Oh wait..... ROFL
  2. The sims look great and the place is huge, well worth a visit, I could of spent all day there
  3. Hmmm ... I tried the display names project viewer. I changed my name to 'Monkey Iinden' .... Linden, but beginning with capital i. I then spent the remaining 10 minutes explaining to others that I wasn't really a Linden and its no good asking me questions. Does that kind of prove some of the points here? LOL I see swear words are banned too, but I still managed to get at least 10 recognisable variations of swear words. Is this going to work?
  4. I have been following this display names debate, and the one thing I still don't understand is WHY? Like someone said at the top of this blog, first and last names have been around since the beginning and they work. "If it ain't broke don't try and fix it" springs to mind. I see the point of other LL projects like the mesh importer, but this seems pointless, and the time could surely be better spent developing features to keep Second Life on the cutting edge of technology like it was when it started. Anyway too late now I spose ... /me takes a deep breath.
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