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  1. thank you! But if I try to upload it back into SL does it retain the higher quality? or it is downgraded
  2. I am saving to inventory, is this the reason why
  3. Recently all the snapshots I take have a max of 512px as show on the attached pic, can someome explain why this happens or how to increase its resolution 😞
  4. it depends on your desire! my favorite map is called Avilion, it is a medieval fantasy rp sim, very friendly people, lovely enviroment and active = )
  5. Oh! Tengo una idea, es un personaje de fantasia de H.P. lovecraft, se llama Yihdra, creo que puedes encontrar referencias si es que buscas en google Idendity V yihdra Dream witch
  6. One of my favorites places to go and usually is always active is a Drum elven circle in a sim called Avilion, you can often come here to enjoy people playing their musical instruments, talk about recent events that occur within their land or just join in by playing an instrument if you wish to. Pretty chill if you want a medieval fantasy RP enviroment to just enjoy around a bonfire 😊 wish I knew other places that are as friendly and active, if you know please let me know!! 😮
  7. Greetings! Back in 2008 when I joined SL I was roaming from sim to sim until a friend suggested me a location called Avilion from there I fell in love with the place, often go back and I am currently active roleplaying as a Magus Dragon. I think if you are looking or a friendly community that has been around for over 10 years this is the place for you to go! They have quite a large amount of events daily and weekly available https://calendar.google.com/calendar/embed?src=avilionevents@gmail.com&ctz=America/Los_Angeles I think it is very nice because the options for RP are quite vast, from Human, Fae, Drow, Dragon, Elves and more, and also quite a vast range of career options to be involved with. This is my honest review and if you wish to check Avilion on your world map 😃 Happy day Sharion
  8. Try "Avilion"! It is a fantasy roleplay sim with more than 10 years history and still going, it was my first choice and I loved it
  9. If you want a vibrant medieval RP community you should try "Avilion", it was my first choice 10 years ago and the community is still going. It has Roleplay and combat so you can be active in what activities you love the most n.n
  10. If you are looking for medieval RP sim with over 10 years of existance and a friendly community you could try "Avilion" You can be human, Dwarf, Fae, Dragon, Drow, Elf, etc. For me the best place I started and made great friendships
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