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  1. Posing this q to the Photoshop gurus out there...I used to have this Filter/Tool installed, it came as a free package with several tools in it, from a site I no longer remember (it's been ages)..not sure if it's even still a thing. Anyway, it's a tool that takes the colors of the edges of your alpha'd picture and colors in the background to those colors to prevent the "halo'd" effect when uploaded in-world. Thanks in advance! https://gyazo.com/30c33b886821cdaf0c23c974e24bbbd2 https://gyazo.com/8a9043b1dbb29daba3a76828f60487c6
  2. Yeah, i wear elf ears all the time, and their earless heads are GREAT!!!! It's completely blank, not a hole in the head, not a flattened normal ear that still has the contours, just a flat piece of head...so I don't have to hide anything or make the ears bigger to cover the hole (even at 0 ear size). And yes, the sliders are so awesome lol...of course there is a "set" look for each head but the slider movement is so nice...my Nadia head looks nothing like the original, neither does my Olive - oh and I don't get ducklips at 0 lip fatness PS. I love that she provides onionless heads, so if you have a complete skin (brows/lipstick/makeup/blush included), your complexity is WAY low.
  3. And yes, their huds are amazing (although at first I'd wished there hadn't been so many huds, but I'm glad for them now because each of them offers so many options for one head part), especially the main changer hud!! Their face animator is great as well, loads of options! So many choices that are already included for their low price of 1799L (I got mine cheaper cuz of promo). Wouldn't trade that head for the world.
  4. I love my Mayreal heads, have Nadia and Olive, spent less than ONE Duckwa head. The sliders are amazing as you can change your look SO much. That's the biggest thing I really disliked about the Catwa and others (AK heads esp)...the sliders don't make much of a difference...like they're not even Bento at all...didn't like that ONE bit. It took me almost a year (2015) to get my Slink HG body and took even longer then that for a head that I could model to look like the old me (a face I'd worked on for 12 years before getting the mesh head). I'm very happy with my Mayreal heads. (I make my own skins so I don't have problems matching skins - but then again that's what we have Omega for ... wish more creators made their makeups with omega appliers rather than JUST for one type of head)
  5. So you want strangers to pay you to start a company up? What? As Gadget said, there are no start up costs in SL. No overhead. Only costs incurred are uploading fees for textures, but since you guys are doing scripts, you can write all those in-game. Any other cost is land, but you don't have to have a store right at the start.
  6. Or just ask the creator of the skin where she got the hair from?
  7. Lol...you don't have to buy the animations that any of the hands "come with". I bought ONE type of Slink hand (before Bento)...when the Bento version came out, I bought bento stands from Oracul for 10L (back then, they're at 20L now) a piece. Cheap AS! I would never pay 250l Per hand animation or face animation for that matter...lmao...I don't even... As for the topic, I love my Slink HG, and only got her because there wasn't anything that I liked at the time...I waited a long time before I bought a mesh body that was "me"...everything else was way too skinny, even with sliders set to max...I wish Tonic Curvy had come out before the HG as I really loved the way I looked in it. And I loved the all three feet heights included as well. The price of the body is really good, compared to all others. As for clothing, that's probably the hugest reason I haven't purchased the Tonic Curvy. I buy a lot of FP clothing, and only a very few handful of FP creators make things for the Tonic, much less the Tonic Curvy.
  8. I don't keep RL and SL separate...same person behind the computer and in SL. Only thing, my SL self is prettier, has more clothes and can afford most things. Lucky for me though, my SL relationship DID become a RL one...and yes, we were both utterly monogamous to each other before we even met up in RL. How do I know? We spent every waking hour together, other than the hours we had to sleep and work. We've known each other 13 years now, and have been together 11 of those 13, almost 4 IRL. I would never cheat on an SL or RL relationship...if I'm emotionally and mentally invested in someone, be it virtual or real, they're both still REAL to me. Addicted? I've been here since early 2005, absolutely, aren't you?
  9. Thanks for the detailed info...so, I'd have to go into PS and create these speckle textures correct?
  10. Hello, So I've seen a few new mesh/non mesh items have this sparkly texture on them (clothing) and was wondering how that's being done. I'm assuming it has something to do with materials...but how? Any enlightenment would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Elle
  11. Caveat: Until much much recently, I haven't gone to that many clubs on SL unless I DJ'd there....and I don''t particularly find hosts or Dancers necessary if the DJ is half competent at multi-tasking. With that said...here are my answers... [1] WELCOME MESSAGE - When you enter a club the host should welcome you... a) at once! The see my name pop up on radar and should show me they watch for new arrivals (also means you are often greeted by your original SL name as the one you chose later isn't shown on most radars). b) when I come into view, closer to the stage. - as long as it's not a scripted hello c) don't mind if they don't say "hi" all that soon but at some point it'd be nice. d) think DILLIGAF (do I look like a give a f...) [2] GESTURES a) I hate gestures! b) Some gestures are OK but I'm bored seeing the same gestures all the time and everywhere. c) Some gestures are OK and I don't mind if the same ones recur. d) I love gestures, can't get enough of it! [3] CAPITAL LETTERS a) Oh my god, stop the shouting! It's totally impersonal and I don't read that stuff. Also makes notices harder to read. b) I hate it in chat but it makes notices more readable. c) For general announcements everyone in the club should see they are ok. But not for normal talk. d) I don't wanna miss anything the host is saying and caps are really helpful. [4] WOW WORDS (e.g. wow, omg, sexy, awesome) a) I'm so damn bored by it... is really every DJ awesome and every host sexy? Be more creative in notices and chat! - and please, if a damn song sucks, please don't lie about it being an awesome song as well >.< b) Hey, sometimes it's just true, no need to hide that. But don't overuse it! c) It totally energizes me when hosts do mood upping shouts! [5] TIP SHOUTS (hosts asking patrons to tip the DJ, DJ's asking on mic to tip the host) a) If a DJ/host is good they'll get tipped. No need to beg for it. b) Once in an hour is ok. Sometimes you get lost in talk but actually wanted to tip. c) Once every 30 minutes is ok. It doesn't hurt to friendly remind people that someone is working for their entertainment. d) People should be reminded often that there are people on stage doing a show. [6] NOTICES a) I prefer a quick overview (DJ, Host, When, Where, What), preferably in caps. b) I prefer a quick overview (DJ, Host, When, Where, What), preferably WITHOUT caps. c) Most of them look all the same, I want a more creative touch so it's actually fun reading them. d) I usually ignore them because they don't say anything of interest to me. When I wanna know when a specific person hosts or DJs I ask them.
  12. A fix would be great >.>, but then again, we all know things like these won't/don't get fixed really. We get patched into a sort of limping "working" solution. I can't even add anything new if I wanted to...shut down my in-world store to just be on the MP for now...and then THIS happens...urgh...ah well...maybe after 7 years in SL, 'tis time to really retire lol. And yes, some of us rely on this as our RL income. As it is, it's been really bad the last 2 or so years...this makes it even worse. Hopefully something gets fixed soon.
  13. Dammit!! another week and pics on the MP are still broken!!! Let me update them!!!!!!
  14. *sighs*...thanks guys...I'm closing shop in-world...hoping to just do stuff on the MP...lol...I think I'll just go play Men of War instead...screw SL for now.
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