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  1. Here's mine... wow times have changed a lot. lol
  2. IF what you say is true, then you would have lowered the amount of group space for Premium members too. You just took seven groups away from Basic members (who btw: probably spend more in SL on a daily basis), added them to the Premium members and added two more groups to their amounts. You literally did nothing but shuffle groups around which does nothing to the amount of lag on the servers. If groups cause this much lag, then you would need to lower the group spaces on everyone, not just Basic members. I remember years ago when we were given more than 25 groups when we were upped to 42 groups. We've had 42 max groups for years and now all of a sudden you're going to take that away and lower us to 35 groups. Sure, it is still more than we used to get but it is still a hardship. As for upgrading to a premium membership, I fail to see any incentive at this time for me to upgrade and I'll tell you why. I have budgeted $20 per month in Lindens which gives me roughly $L5000 per month. Sometimes I'm able to buy $10 or so more in Lindens which means that I drop around $30 bucks in SL on a good month when I shop too much. If I were to upgrade, I would need to deduct the amount of the membership from my budgeted "play money" in order to do it. The $L300 only comes out to $L1200 (for four week months) and $L1500 ( on five week months)... and my understanding is it comes each week, not monthly. Point is, I get more in the amount I buy than I would in the stipend. I don't need a linden home because I have a home already. I live on a full sim with my SL family on a platform that is all our own with my SL BF. I am not interested in the premium gifts because I have been told they are primmy, laggy, and poorly made. We're in the days of mesh and animesh. I don't use prim furniture anymore unless I really like it. More LI for me to play with that way. I don't see a need for me to go to a premium sandbox. I have a place I build at that is completely private and I don't have to worry about griefers. Albeit, I've never been to a premium sandbox so I don't know how many griefers you get there who bypass the blocks, etc. So far, I don't have any incentive to upgrade or I would. I can deal with less groups, even though it will royally suck when I join another blogger team who hasn't gone to Blogotex yet and I have to drop down below 35 to do so. This might be different for other people, but these are the reasons I don't feel incentive to upgrade my membership at this time.
  3. Pamela Galli wrote: Those are reviews from Xstreet, when ppl could just leave a star rating. It is not just for bad reviews, and merchants are not doing it. ETA When the switch to Marketplace was made, we asked LL not to erase our stars and any reviews, and they didn't. Thank you for replying. Xstreet was so long ago, I forgot about being able to only leave a star rating. As I said in my OP, I was just curious how it was being done as, in my own store settings, I couldn't find that setting at all. This answers my question. Thank you again.
  4. In my shopping on Marketplace, I notice that some reviews are hidden from view. Mostly negative reivews. One item I looked at has three negative reviews but when I went to view them, they weren't there...How are merchants doing this? Removing negative reviews without listing the product again (I know it is against TOS, so that's not the question. :P). I've looked in my store settings for a feature that allows this, but there isn't one. So, my fellow merchants, how are people doing this in their stores? (Note: I'm not asking so I can do it, I'm just curious how it's being done.) thanks.
  5. Don't see why not....it was sent out in a group notice in IFT group in world...cat is already out of the bad...point was, there was more to the story than what was in the OP's original post...
  6. More directions when you first start playing would be nice...No impossible quests would be nice too....How do you get past the Shattered Cave Quest? Directions is a must....introduction to how to play the game...i.e. HOW you get the crystals...such as what you need to do when you find one...the ability to get past a quest that you can't complete and/or the option to skip it all together....I agree with Suboki Paine....more story line explaining things and offering help would be a big help....
  7. I am being bullied in SL....I have been a victim of it for a little over a year. Why did it start? Something so simple as being with a man who this woman wanted and she will stop at nothing to get it even to the point of destroying our group. I will never name her on any of these forums or any other website because to do so gives her power over me and she has had enough of that already. She has my RL information because when I joined a Star Trek group in SL, they wanted the SFI member number. I was new to SL by only a few months when I joined that group so I didn't know about keeping my first life separate from Second Life or why I should do it. While everyone here has good points about the motives of the original poster, it does not mean that the problem of cyber bullying does not happen or is not a problem in Second Life. Right now my bully has taken her conquest out of SL and into RL and has threatened my life....As I said, while some of you don't believe that it is possible and others may say, "Oh it's your fault. You must have done something wrong." I did only one thing to gain focus from this person...be with someone she wanted and I stuck around and wouldn't leave. He was worth the fight and I'm still around. So yes, cyber bullying needs to be addressed with stricter rules from LL...yes, not only do kids become a target but so do adults in SL...and no, I'm not being a bully by stating that I'm being bullied. A few links to teach you all about Adult bullying and what it is....how to combat it and what to do if you're a victim of it... http://www.lifeafteradultbullying.com/ http://www.workplacebullying.org/ Learn what it is....learn how to recognize it when you see it...you may not always be the one to be a victim of it, but you may know someone who is and you may not even know it. It disquises itself as "gentle fun" or it could be a round of "nitpicking" through your "SL Boss." It can even be twisted around to make the one who is the victim look like they are the bully. Harlee Fallen should not have posted the resident's name, but if she is a victim of bullying like this, then the only way she feels to combat it is to stand up and say it. (No I don't know Harlee, but I've been there and I've faced it.) Until those of you who accuse her of being a bully herself have faced it you won't understand. The links above will help some, but the most effective thing that will help is if Linden Labs comes up with stricter enforced rules and procedures to take care of this problem. Muting is not always the answer.
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