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  1. First you need to define what you mean by close a window. Are you closing, say , an inventory window in your viewer or are you clicking on a window in your home to open or close it? If the former see if you might be double clicking on the window and clicking on something in-world accidentally. Otherwise I have never heard of anything like that. If the latter you may have an invisible object between you and the window that is causing the problem. This could be somethinng that is moving when is it clicked, maybe a teleporter, or something nasty like a griefer object. Try turning on No Pushing in the About Land window in the Options tab. Does it still happen? If so something may be physically moving or you may be the object's owner. You can use <Ctrl>+<Alt>+<t> to look for invisible objects, and use beacons to identify scripted objects that you can't see. Also, look in the objects tab of your "About Land" popup and refresh the Object Owners panel. Is there anything there that belongs to someone who should not have objects on the parcel? If so, return it. Good luck-
  2. "What we see is a very strong group bias run by the same few people, and there is nothing open and impartial information at Vortex as has been claimed in other, and partly in this thread. "Again, Gavin, Vortex is run by a volunteer staff. If you want to help run it volunteer. Mindless repetition of bad ideas does not make them correct.
  3. "It is more than likely that the "right people" are people who can be massaged into visiting their own businesses more than anything else. "It amazes me that you continue to ignore rational argument and rely on slinging foundless and inflammatory accusations at good peope. Your posts should be removed. I challenge you and anyone else reading this to find any reference to me or my business anywhere at Vortex. Unless I have left some litter somewhere I have two prims at Vortex today. One is my help call box, and one is the landing zone greeter. I get nothing out of Vortex other than lost time and aggravation responding to garbage like your post above. I support Vortex because I believe in the people and what they are doing. I don't know what your agenda is, but try to learn to address what you see as bad ideas with better ideas. If you have none, silence is better than mindless defamation.
  4. Hello Innula, The desire here is just to optimize the group's effectiveness in search. If what you say is true then there is no harm whatever in putting the word "Zindra" in the name of the sim, as no one will see it. If you are incorrect and the name of the sim clearly communicates its purpose the change will help Vortex and no one is hurt. You can safely humor me either way. ;-) The right people in my mind are newcomers looking for Zindra. They search for the term "Zindra" and potentially also find Vortex. If they are interested in learning and building they learn that we are here for them. As advertisers say we have made an "impression". If they are not interested they go somewhere else. No harm done.
  5. "For a select few to insist on keeping a shared resource to themselves because of the superior marketing is just slapping the rest of community in the face"Gavin, you continue to talk about a select few keeping this resource to themselves. I will reiterate, tell me about the specific problems you or others have encountered and I will address them aggressively. Vortex is an open resouce and everyone is welcome and will be supported. I IM'd you after the last time you said this and still I am unaware of any foundation for this claim. If you are unhappy that others plan events and operate the sandbox you are welcome to volunteer your time and earn your place on the team as they have. The Vortex team has worked hard and long to serve the LL user population, and they do not keep it to themselves or limit anyone's access.
  6. Hello Innula, You appear to have misinterpreted my post and take a few word out of context. I said " I would echo comments above that Vortex is not a sandbox, but a mentoring and support site. The sandbox is an important enabling tool, but should not be a key element of the message that we place in front of prospective new users when they see us in search." I am not looking to play with semantics and I hope you are not just being argumentative, but if it makes you more comfortable I can say it as Gina did, Vortex is not just a sandbox. I stand corrected. Further, it is no mystery how search works. Not everyone reads descriptions or goes to the destination guide, and damn few read the group description. The sim name is what you see first and foremost when you scan through search. If the name is clear it will attract more of the the right people. There is no harm to you or anyone else if we do this right.
  7. The lab's intent to rename the sim to "Vortex Adult Sandbox" is not all bad. I appreciate that the Vortex name has been retained, and I believe the word "Adult" can be a positive addition. I would echo comments above that Vortex is not a sandbox, but a mentoring and support site. The sandbox is an important enabling tool, but should not be a key element of the message that we place in front of prospective new users when they see us in search. But I cannot see how removing the word "Zindra" from the site's name serves any purpose for the lab or it's users. The stated objective of the name change is improved clarity, not increased exclusivity for the arena or the disassociation of Vortex and its team from the continent. Several variations on the name that still contain the word Zindra have been mentioned above and these are crystal clear. I would urge the lab to be open-minded in considering their use. If none of these seemed suitable, I will add a few more to the list. Consider: Zindra Vortex: Help, Mentoring and Adult Sandbox Zindra Vortex: Help Center and Adult Sandbox Zindra Vortex: Beginner's Help and Adult Sandbox Zindra Vortex: SL Help and Adult Sandbox Zindra Vortex: Training, Events & Adult Sandbox Zindra Vortex: Help and Mentoring in Adult Sandbox I am certain that the contributors to this forum and the members of the Vortex team can add several more bullet points to this list. It is inconceivable to me that at least one of the choices in the final list would not be sufficiently clear to eliminate all of the concerns others have raised to support this change. I would suggest that we compile a list of names right here and let the lab indicate whch are acceptable. The Vortex Team, who have put heart and soul into this site, should be given the option of of selecting the site's final name from this list (I would exclude myself from this decision). I think this is only fair and is a proper acknowledgment of the good work that the team has, and still does, perform every day. This has been a bit of a tempest in a teapot. Perhaps, if the Vortex team and the lab agree, we can put it to rest quickly without unnecessarily alienating good people any further than we already have. Vlad has a right to rant, and LL should listen. 
  8. A very rational response Innula - ty. I have no reason to doubt your statistics, but experienced adult users will never need to search for "Zindra", and new users will likely only search once- thereafter they will search for places in Zindra. It is no surprise that < 1% of all searches are for the term "Zindra". That does not mean they are unimportant searches that should end in frustration. This search likely leads the user to their first exposure to the adult continent. Right now, in terms of supporting new users I still believe "Zindra" is an important name, but we should all be willing to be proven wrong. I have no problem with changing any names as long as we can demonstrate that it supports our objectives. I share your concern around content. To be clear, I have no problem with Gavin's content or anyone else's. Simply, if we accept a filtered list as *the only* list we exclude other private interests unfairly. Either we accept all such lists and allow anyone access our users or we have an unfiltered list that everyone can participate in. The third option is the status quo, which I do not support.
  9. Gavin, anything that builds traffic in Zindra benefits your business owners. It is a general benefit and not specific to members of any group or community, so your ads and mine will not go there, but more traffic and greater involvement is good for everyone. Frustrated residents looking for Zindra would also disagree. We don't need less Zindra in search, we need more. The strict rules you refer to are not mine or yours, they are LLs. If it's the right thing to do and it supports retention and conversion of free accounts, they will be incented.
  10. Thank you for the correction Gavin. We'll agree to disagree on your second point. More Zindra in search is better than less.
  11. We have discussed the possibility of parceling adult infohubs so that plots containing the name Zindra can host adult community content and will be discoverable in search. Will these infostations be a good interim/permanent solution? What challenges will have to be overcome? What can we do to make this work? Or should we just stop talking about it and do it? What's your opinion?
  12. Hello Pussycat, This is a long story and I will not bore you with the details, but the hubs never had "Zindra" in their names. They predate the sandbox which was named seperately. As these are all LL sims there is no standard, they just need to be named to do their jobs in the best way possible for the users and the lab. Adding Zindra to the hub names is another simple solution that should be considered.
  13. When I "found" Zindra I searched for the continent name and landed in the Zindra sim. That told me nothing so I looked at the map and teleported to Arapaima. When that didn't help I teleported back to a random sim and started exploring. I would guess this is fairly typical. People know the name Zindra and search for it, so having no hits under "Zindra" would be just as confusing if not more so than hitting a sandbox. If you are on another mainland continent you can not even see continental Zindra on the map. I would not suggest removing the name. How about an additive approach? LL could parcel out a section in Arapaima (maybe in all of the Zindra infohubs?), and adult information could be located in the parcels. A clear name like "Zindra Adult Info - Arapaima" would tell the story effectively. These parcels would appear when Zindra is searched, but not on the map. A Zindra infohub is still the best solution there.
  14. Hello Couldbe, I agree with you, I would prefer to see a gateway clearly labeled and visible in search. I do support Zindra Vortex being disconnected from the mainland, but only to prevent a spillover of griefer attacks or other sandbox issues. Bill
  15. Hello Couldbe, The mission of Zindra Vortex has been to enhance the user experience and in a way that leads to greater retention of new users and conversion of unpaid into premium accounts. We do this by shortening the learning curve around key SL skills. Our approach is to use both mentoring and traininging to directly improve skills and events such as presentations and Sexy Speed Build to do so indirectly. We are not a gateway or an advertising center, but where it contributes to our mission by providing newcomers with greater opportunity to engage, it's a good thing. Sorry for the issues you encountered but Vortex staff does not have authority to directly intervene when a user appears and makes trouble. We file ARs just like everyone else. The only way to improve that is to enable the staff as admins or put a Linden on call. In the mean time the staff gives heart and soul to keep the peace. I have personally spent hours talking to users a private estate manager would eject, and Hypa and Huntress have done much more. This is time that could be used for coaching or mentoring and, of course, extending the duration of the negative experiences like griefing impacts the satisfaction of bystanders like yourself. I am certain LL has a reason for maintaining the current state of affairs, but you would have to ask them what it is. We just deal with it. As far as people in Zindra not being interested in a sandbox, that's not true. We have plenty of visitors and our target audience has nowhere else to build. Vortex is nothing like an all around fail, but it was never intended to replace a gateway. As far as the name, it should contribute to the mission. If there is a name that would attract more of our target audience, I would be open to supporting it.
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