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  1. I asked them if RLV may have something do do with this, one of them said his Partner listens to his Personal IM's, as far as I know this is an impossible thing, however he said there are huds on MP for this, I went to look and saw that they only apply to Public chat, but why would anyone buy a spy hud to use for Local chat when everyone can read it, he is convinced that it is possible, I think it is Paranoia!! I wish I could assure them somehow that this can NOT be done by anyone , under any circumstances!
  2. Dear community, i have a few friends that were working at a club, they stated that they were positive that the owner could read their " Personal IM's" between the employee's, I was under the impression that this VIOLATES the TOS, since they are personal IM's, however they are telling me there is a "SPY CHAT" that makes that possible, Can this be true???
  3. I an on an emac that has the highest possible OS 10.4.11 that I can load, I can not upgrade to 10.5 to my knowledge ( Through research) Viewer 1.23.5 is the only Viewer compatible with my OS. So If I can not log in..I am out. There is no way for me to buy a new computer to accommodate a new viewer, So My question requires a NOT SO vague answer from LL..Can't find any concrete info. So far other than a rumor from inworld that it will be on JULY 31/11 YIKES??? Any verification on this would be appreciated.
  4. Ok . All this info is fantastic..NOW..for those of us that are using 1.23..I ask " Have we already been hung out to dry", or is there a possible work around, since I am currently saving to buy a whole new computer that will support other viewers ...yeesh.. :matte-motes-sour: Pleas e anyone that is on 1.23 let me know how you have resolved this for yourself. Thanks so much, It is a definate that I add my partner on "Drant Permissions to Edit my Objects" as he helps me run the Venue !!! So far it is a nightmare to deal with this issue.
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