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  1. I've had a trouble ticket open & untouched for 2 months - when I change clothes or skin it takes days or even a week to show up. I can't go out, I have to ask a friend "Am I naked"? Attachment clothing is fine. That should be a clue. But they haven't even touched that ticket in 2 months. I am soon to give up premiun membership & my 1/8th of land - LL loses about $100 a month from me & does care.
  2. As a 4 year resident I say I am almost done with SL. I have had a tech ticket open untouched for 2 months. Tech chat "try" things, but don't KNOW enough to fix the problem. I can't use what I pay for (I spend up to $100 a month on SL). There's only one answer - FIX WHAT ALREADY EXISTS, before you think of adding new features & functions. I think that's what this says. But if I can't use SL- why should I pay ?
  3. I am a premium customer. I have had a ticket open for over amonth & no-one has actioned it. When I change clothes layers or skin,other people don't see it (or it takes 2-3days). Is THAT better Custoemr Service ?
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