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  1. I fly Dani airplanes. Just a simple single prop sea plane. No fast flying jets. I fly as slow as possible.. I wear an outfit that is low prim. I try and fly over water. None of these things seem to prevent me from eventually being ejected from my plane which I assume is because the plane crosses the sim before or after I do. Been on since 2006.. Been trying to fly since 2012.. I think I'm gonna give it up. Boating doesn't seem to have these issues. I have decent gaming hardware and FiOS high speed Internet. What are others thoughts?
  2. Thank you for everyone's feedback. Great responses and I agree with most people's comments. I enjoyed all the replies. I may be the odd ball here, but I have never had an SL relationship so never needed the privacy that most crave. But I like to sit at my house and see an occasional boat or jet ski ride by and have a chat. Which made me get a place in Bellisseria since it was the new continent. I do appreciate the clean look it has compared to most parts of mainland, but as everyone has agreed there is no traffic unless you specifically go to events. The whole buying without knowing where your plot is going to be is just so foreign to me. Its like a game in itself. Rent... abandon..... Rent... abandon..... Rent... abandon..... Until you get close to what you want. Anyway, the people here are the best, and are frankly more fun these days than "Inworld".
  3. I became a Second Life member in 2006. It was a confusing, complicated learning curve but I was hooked immediately. I grew from my original 512 plot to moving toward larger plots and closer to water. Moved to Fruit Islands all around for many years which was great as I love sailboats passing by my island. Then moved to Blake Sea because I wanted more open water to Sail and Fly. Lots of fun with sailboats and mermaids and mermen coming up to say Hi. Now there is no one around. I rented a Stilt in Bellissaria hoping to see people sailing around or walking the pier. Nothing for three days. I miss the days I can just sit on my land and watch boats, planes or avi's walking by. Feels like COVID in SL
  4. Are all plots at Bellisseria either 512 or 1024 m2 ?
  5. I'm not looking for a house boat. I live on a 5000m2 Estate and it has an enforced Covenant.
  6. Mainland is just such a free for all and no rules, its just very trashy. Thanks for the info about Bellisseria Continent.
  7. I have lived at Balboa Pacific for probably 5 years. The airports and docks used to be flooded with people as well as residents at their homes. It seems like a ghost town now. Blake Sea used to be the desired place to live. Is there a new spot that people are migrating to? I do like ground level water plots, which is why Blake was so appealing, but its so quiet now.
  8. I have been away from SL for about a year. I lived near Hollywood Airport and on the Blake Sea for about four years before that. All Estate properties. Is this still the best water continent on SL to live in? I have also lived on Fruit Island as well. Not much traffic at either location these days. Just wondering if there is a new water area? I need 4096+ area land.
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