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  1. frankly chickens are terrible guests. they only peck ant food, are picky eaters, and make a big table mess... pigs are great ones. they eat anything and everything so there is no mess. so if you are a vamp and decide to not be a vamp you can just leave the group... mute every clan friend and go on your merry way and nothing will happen?
  2. go to kaliwulf kingdom. they sell implants and they sell clothes that are compatable. you have a body and undershirt, shirt and jacket levels. attaching boobs on is rather like wearing a necklace it will always be over the clothes so you have to buy special clothes with an addition thing that is scripted for the boobs. although if you make boobs 100% they are pretty big. I would never pay 1000L for boobs, shoes yea...
  3. can't remember how to spell it tutkinhama hair ... sorry only 1 tail alowed in sl.... stand on a pose stand and wear your tiail. go into edit and rotate it so it points to side. as you rotate it you will propabaly move base off center ov avie so you will have to move the tail ove some to reposition it. then if you have a tail you can copy copy and paste one you wear so you have a second. click on this one and instead of "wear" click on "add" and you will have two... just do't tell LL where you learned it or i will get in big trouble because only 1 tail is alowed...
  4. Hmm I wondered because i heard of vamp avies talking about loosing their soul so do the avies like freeze up and die?
  5. What I meant was if the vamp ate some apples or just put on garlic to keep vamps away and went on and say unfriended everyone in the clan would they bo ok or would their avitar one day fall over and not work anymore due to a lack of blood...
  6. thanks, not for me but another avie that got talked into becoming a vamp in first few days. i was talked into blod doll, but all i had to do was eat aples. I did give them garlic necklace.
  7. I meet lots of 3-6 month old avies that became a vamp soon after they came to SL , but want to become human. How do they do it? Thank you!!!!
  8. I remember last year there was a "BDSM forum" group to join. They all sit in a circle and talk. Check it out if it is still there. They are nice and will help. I only went a couple times because theuy were a bit serious in a nice way and I just wanted to wear latex. Also on SL as mentioned if you just want to role play go to BDSM clubs and have fun for evening. To me being someone's sub/slave is like partnering. You could always find a guy buy a collar and just wear it when u r together. I think collars are so romantic. Rather like a wedding ring, but they show up better and cost way less. I have one and wear it once in a while. My RL sister is on SL sometimes and lives in another state. Once she tricked me. When I had it on she said click in menu click clikc click and type her name in it so I did. Uh oh the next day it would not come off. She was mean the would not remove it for almost 2 weeks. I was really mad because I wanted to wear a gold ball gown and that silver collar did not match. Later someone said if I did something I could have removed it. Well just to make sure it did not happen agaion I disposed of the collar and bought me another one just like it which I will never go click clikc click type in their name on the menu... I guess I am trying to say be careful because on SL sometimes you can't trust your own sister...
  9. Bliss Couture has one at entrance to help direct- it is huge store. A high end jewelry store has 1 or 2 but they only get paid 10L per hour so they are mostly AFK. Others have fake avies that don't talk. Once I was a model at Bliss. It was on a weekend at night. All the models were gone. The model stands at end of runway which is right by front door. There were lots of women there shopping. So I put on a ball gown from Bliss and hopped up on the runway and welcomed everyone. Since I had spent lots of time in store I could tell the ladies shopping where something was that they were looking for. HAHAHA!!! The owner never knew, but I did a good job. I should put it in my profile- "Blis Couture model" hahaha!!!
  10. My name really is Renee. My family is from New Orleans for many generations. So I scrolled through and found a French Sounding name even though my real name is English.
  11. Search for CCD- Caithlen Carter Designs. It is a higher end jewelry store that has more gothicy stuff because it was sold. She had a beginner kit for under 30 days. It has a Gown and jewelry and shoes. Also, many stores have stuff if you join the store group. Bliss Couture is a very nice store and they always have a decently nice free dress and every couple of months will have an outfir for "Blissy Girls" , They also have sale section that is very nice. Check out N-core shoes- they always have a free pair of shoes that r nice- a regular style not cheapo for free. There is a nice store named Kungler's. For 50L you join group and everymonth is a free outfit and they have a couple of those letter chairs so if the frist letter is you name you sit in it and win it. There is also a store called Devient Designs that has a cute pair of high heel platform sandals just to join group and I think for 199L a pair of ballet flats in like 12 colors that have a tan colored bow. So if you are not too dark or light they are cute. Also there are hunts. One is Taste of SL and it is a scavebnnger hunt. It can be fun but time consuming. They have a blog with hints. Check out Blacklace as in Alphamale & Blace lace. They have a cute corsette outfit for joining and also a jeans and sweather outfit. One last one is aDiva. She used to charge 250L to join group and every week put a new outfit out for half price. Not sure if she does that but she is one of nicer store owners and often at store. If you join she gives stuff away every week or 2 and has great 2 day specials. Her clothes are really cute and a bit European. Often the free stuff is no too good. I suggest you go to inventory and create a folder and call it "~~My Stuff" That curly thing will put it maybe last so easy to keep straight and in it create folders for like footwear, clothes, hair, naild, accessories, and etc. Also create a folder "Free Stuff" when you get something for free drag iti in that folder. When you have a chance to try it on either move to reg folder in My Stuff or delete it. One last thing I don't know if you heard much of Vampires, but watch out for them. Some are nice and some are not so much. They will see you r new and offer to take you back to castle and give you free clothes. Then you fell you owe them and end up getting bit and turned in to a blood doll or a vamp. They do prey on newbs because SL can be a bit scary. I am not against Vampires, but well in my experience they do take advantage of new avies. You can get a garlic necklace most anywhere and they will leave you alone.
  12. I gave up and bought some men's hair. Mad Designs has some and nice colors. It is sort of long for a man. I actually have a designer model friend and I liked her sort cut and it was from there. A bit not quite as nice but cheaper and still ok is Brice designs. Worth a stop is I think Japanese w & y. It is nice comes in ahout 12 colors and menu driven. It is noce shorter hair especially several bob styles. I am not sure how short you want but I am amazed how most men I see on SL have really long hair and I wonder if they buy women's. Sorry I am at work so I can't get LM. I can only visit internet at work. no games... It is sort of like above photo which is very cute on her.
  13. Hi, As you see this is my first post on SL forums. I was with my "first" (and only) partner for about 7 months. We knew each other for 6 months before. Suddenly, she like quit logging on for like 2 weeks. Previously for a month or 2 she was rarely on. At first we would send IMs or note card and it all died off. The only reason I heard from her was I unpartnered her. She said she did not get IM to email and they got capped so well there was only notecards- perhaps it was true... I don't know but things sort of got weird. She had been on SL for several years. She was on like every day for hours and hours the first 10 months and it slowly stopped. My friends think she had an alt, but I don't know and never will. I do know even though it was not going right and I needed out of the relationship I still miss her. It still hurts and it has been 4 months. I never imagined it would hurt that long and well I don't think the hole in my heart will be closed up by this weekend either. SL relationships can be pretty real or seem so. Breaking will be traumatic and the emptiness will last awhile. I did really love her and still do and I was good to her- better than any of her previous partners I think I was 4th in 4 years. Maybe just infatuation, but my tears were and are real. So my advice is be prepared for some emptiness and be patient with yourself. There was this guy named CS Lewis that did lots of stuff but wrote The Chronicles of Narnia. His wife got bone cancer and he prayed to God to give the illness to him and remove it from her. Her Bone cancer went into remission and he developed ostioperosis. Finally she did die from bone cancer. I will always remember what he said..."The price you pay for loving someone is the hurt you feel when you loose them. And the amount of hurt that you go through is equal to the love". Okay, maybe this was infatuation instead of love, but I do miss her. We had lots of fun together. We went canoeing and dancing, and shopping. We knew about or rl SO and family stuff- so we did share our real selves a bit. Not much, but like Granny just had her 95th. birthday and such. I rather doubt I'll ever partner again I think once was enough- we had talked about a small fun wedding and had bought dresses, but never did. We did visit several locations. Anyway.... just be patient and take care of yourself. Hugs~ Renee.
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