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  1. Hey all, Sounds like you have a lot of really great feedback. I encourage you to log the bugs in JIRA and/or to participate in the Viewer 2 User Groups. That way, you can discuss your experiences and recommendations directly with the product owners. Thanks! WOW Nice, Amanda. Typical Linden SCREW YOU. SL IS A MESS AND YOU HAVE YOUR HEAD UP YOUR ASS!! So thanks for nothing. You're worthless. How's that for feeback? This stuff isn't necessary. At all. Anyone who reads my posts (in many threads) knows how I feel about the V2 Viewer, the features and the bugs. I'm not a LL fanboy by a
  2. And this is why I'm still using 1.23. I don't trust TPVs as a rule, even before the Emerald debacle (FYI, I told you so, lots of you). And 2.x? It's like a bad haircut you regret getting -- someone's got to stop trying to make it look pretty and save some face first. Even if it means shaving it off entirely and rebuilding from the bottom (not likely to happen, especially given all the time and money and manpower invested in 2.x, but the principle holds true). Every time there's been a new 2.x viewer release I've given it a try with an alt (I'm an admin/builder/owner/organizer for too much on
  3. Yea Fender, I hope you don't take this as me tryin' to tell you stuff you already know. It's pretty obvious that you know what you're talking about and understand what's going on. I guess I'm hoping for that .00001% chance that someone who matters will see something that I (or others) have posted and a lightbulb goes off. They can grow without losing the existing customer base. It's what the best companies in the world do. I'm not sure LL understands just how important their existing customer base really is. I think LL is going to be very surprised to find out that the new customer base
  4. Yea well, preaching to the choir does give me the option to say "I told you so" when things go south. They won't be able to say that their existing customer base didn't try to warn them. It will be a lesson learned. Again, I have worked for many companies over many years, and the ones who did well listened to their customers. They did not always agree with said customers, and they certainly didn't make decisions soley based on what their customers thought, but customer feedback played a huge role in how things were implemented moving forward. Companies can't survive without customers, and
  5. Oh yea, I get what you are saying. I know how LL operates, and none of that is going to change by anything that anyone says here. I won't argue that. BUT...this is one of the few avenues that LL customers have to expess their concerns or frustrations (or heap praise if they so choose). And, as has been the case in this very thread, Lindens DO read these responses (at least one), whether they decide to ever do anything with those responses or not. Sometimes people just need to be heard, and whether or not they actually are heard shouldn't invalidate their feelings or concerns one iota. Li
  6. I don't think it's so much that people don't understand this stuff, it's that they just don't like it. If you get past some of the ranting in this thread, many people bring up many valid concerns, which never seem to get answered or addressed by Linden Lab. It's their company, and they can do whatever they want to do. But a company that doesn't at least listen to its customers is a company that is bound to fail. Hopefully that doesn't happen with Second Life, because I rather enjoy having it around.
  7. what's next? IMs opening skype? Seriously, don't give LL anymore more bright ideas. They're messing things up just fine without any help. Someday, we will all attempt to login to SL and it will just redirect us to Facebook or whatever.
  8. I don't see the point of the web profile. It seems completely useless The point is, you can be searched on the web, not just inside SL. For networking, it's a huge plus. I would like to think there's more to it than that, such as having functionality via the profile to contact people inworld. Networking can be achieved fine within SL. Very limited networking, yes. As SL strives to be "web 3.0", more than inworld networking will be required. Thinking ahead is what separates Philip's vision from the rest. I truly hope someday the masses will see the big picture. It's not about today,
  9. Firestorm (in its vast baby newness) is MILES ahead of 2.5. I can only imagine how uberawsomesauce Firestorm will be once its ready for release!! I can't wait for it!! Ditto for Kirstens viewer. I have been using that version of the "new" viewer since it came out, knowing full well that we were all going to have to switch at some point. Figured I may as well get used to it. Not trying to advertise here, because I could care less what viewer someone uses, but Kirstens blows the SL veiwer right out of the water, and has for months and months and months. Hell, SL still hasn't fixed the ove
  10. This is utter garbage. A clunky addition to a UI that is already clunky. It makes accessing anything absolutely a chore, and doesn't seem to add anything to my experience within SL. If I wanted to use Facebook or any of that other social media crap, I'd have gone there. In SL, I want to stay in SL. Well, it seems obvious that SL is trying to land the "new breed" of user with all this web-based, facebook type crap. The problem is that, while trying to secure new users (which is fine in and of itself), they have completed ignored the "old breed" of existing users (for the most part) by offerin
  11. Honestly, logging into Second Life lately is starting to feel like I'm at work. Between the stupid "toasts" that popup about EVERYTHING, the oversized web profiles that clutter your screen real estate, the bugs in transferring inventory in the new profiles, etc etc.... It reminds me of a busy day at work where I'm swamped and everyone seems to have a problem they need fixed ASAP. That's the last thing I want when I actually get home from work and login to SL. I'm not one of the doomsayers who rant on and on about SL dying or whatever, but they better get a clue and fast. This world gets l
  12. Unfortunately, Linden Labs seems totally clueless about UI (User Interface) Design and makes mistake after mistake after mistake. Such a shame. This is really the center of the whole problem. They really don't have the first clue how to make a user friendly, non intrusive UI. It's downright embarrassing. They keep making it harder and harder to immerse yourself in this virtual word. In fact, they keep implementing "features" that continually drag you away from said world. I'm beginning to think they don't actually want anyone INSIDE the virtual world, but rather on the web and "networkin
  13. There is no way to re-enable the old profiles in Viewer 2.5 - but they may reappear in a TPV at some time. Yea, as far as I could tell there was no way to change this back, and that includes the latest version of Kirstens and the trial Firestorm viewer. I think they're here to stay because of the way the SL code is written. This thing just has way too many bugs (and has since it was created). Even though I use Kirstens viewer, I still had to rollback to a previous build because of all the bugs and such in the SL code, not to mention how clothing appears since the release of 2.4.
  14. Yes. Many are having this issue since the release of 2.4, even on other viewers (I use Kirsten and it happens to me...I had to roll back to a previous build to see clothing correctly). Here's the Jira
  15. Cody you ANGEL, that worked, lol, thank you so much Don't tell anyone I'm an angel....that's supposed to be a secret
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