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  1. Yep, and my sales still don't go through Edit: I also had one other interesting anomoly, although I don't think its related to the main problem at hand. I tested this out by purchasing a few products from my own shop, and some of the purchase logs somehow date from 4 weeks ago, rather then a couple of days ago. One I made today somehow dates March 11th.
  2. they attempted to purchase the item 5 times. I sent them the item and 4 refunds (and yes I made sure they really were not refunded the money by LL first. the problem is reproducible) My logs in this case are also unreliable. as they state that no money was ever lost. This is however, not the case.
  3. I have recently started a marketplace shop and I am facing some difficulties. When people try to purchase an item from me their status eventually becomes "partial failure" and the item is not delivered. I am not paid any lindens but apparently the people who try to buy from me are still losing their lindens. I have refreshed my magic box, reset my magic box, and even deleted it and reloaded/rezzed it (making sure to wipe it from the list of active boxes) and still I face the same problems. I have deleted and reposted the items both webside and SL side. Some help relatively soon would be nice as at the moment I am paying refunds out of pocket for this and I can not afford this for long.
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