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  1. Totally agree 38 is not enough now where mesh clothes and bento heads, along with the huds you need to wear now for the mesh bodies and heads.
  2. OMG thank you so much that worked. Huggies to all that helped me.
  3. tried that and it dont seem to be working for me.
  4. That worked great thank you very much, but is it possible to change it so only the name of the box shows instead of the inventory inside it?
  5. Hi all I hope someone can help me with a script to do the following. I have boxes out in my home where I store my dens for my breedables. My ex wrote the script which went into the box to show what the content was inside but he set it to no modify so I can not view the script. I have found the script online by Xylor Baysklef, which gives me hover text on the box. But is there a way I can click the box to turn the hover text on and then the hover text goes off after a few seconds. I know it does do it because it does it on my breedable dens. ////////////////////////////// // Floating Name
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