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  1. I thought of an easier way to do this I think, by having a editable Notecard in the object and HUDs inventory, I should be able to manually set a channel by reading a Notecard line set by the owner, any ideas on how this might be wrote?
  2. Ela, your explanation in theory sounds perfect for what I am trying to accomplish, but to be frank, you went 10,000 feet above my head in practice i wouldn't know where to start scripting that!
  3. correct me if I am wrong, but won't the GetOwner call change as the HUD Owner and attachment owner may be different?
  4. Hi all, Need some help after racking my brain on this one. I have developed a Hud that I need to talk to an in world object via chat, I have successfully developed scripts that communicate effectively on given channels, what I am now wanting to do is to be able to use randomly generated channels that the HUD and object can communicate with without having cross talk from another user with the same HUD. Example would be a prim attachment where the hud would control actions of the attachment, I also want to make this so the owner may give out HUDs to other users so that they can affect actions on the attachment owners prims. I was considering some type of channel registration done by the hud, but realized to do that I needed some way to recognize the attachment of individual avatar and then develop a channel registration process unique to each owner. Like scan for avatars, then scan for the attachment, then randomly assign a unique channel to communicate on. Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  5. Sorry to keep bugging you guys, but hit a snag with another project. I am attempting to build a scanner that will look to see if an object is present, if so, it simply keeps scanning, but if the object is not present I would like it to IM and email the owner that the object is no longer present. The caveat is, the Named Object will have an appended number to the name, rather than just: Object, it will have the name of Object1, Object2, and so forth. Here is the script I have been attempting to do this with: integer type = 2; integer on = TRUE; string objectname = "Named Object"; list gNamedObjects; integer object = 1; default { touch_start(integer total_number) { on = llAbs(on - 1); // Or, better, on = !on; if (on) { llSetTimerEvent(2.5); llOwnerSay("Scanning"); llSetText("Scanning for \Available Objects",<0,1,0>, 1); } else { llSetTimerEvent(0.0); type = 2; llOwnerSay("Script Reset"); llOwnerSay("Scanner is Off"); llSetText("Resetting Script",<1,1,0>, 1); llSetText("3",<1,1,0>, 1); llSleep(1); llSetText("2",<1,1,0>, 1); llSleep(1); llSetText("1",<1,1,0>, 1); llSleep(1); llSetText("Scanner is Off\nTouch to Turn On",<1,0,0>, 1); } } timer() { llSensor(objectname, "", type, 10.0, PI); type = type * 2; if (type > 8) type = 2; } sensor(integer total_number) { integer i; for (i = 0; i <total_number; i++) { if (object = 1) { llSay(0,"object is Present"); } else if (object <= 0) { llInstantMessage(llGetOwner(),"Object not Present at "+ (string)llDetectedPos(i)); llEmail(llGetObjectDesc(), "Object not present at "+ (string)llDetectedPos(i)); //this llDectectedPos fails (Function call Mismatch) } } } }
  6. It does work!, got it as far as 74M Now I just need a decent nano sculpt to make it look purty......
  7. Using your logic, wonder if using a relatively small sculpt map on a megaprim to achieve a usable sized rezzor would achieve the results you describe?
  8. You nailed it, I took your advice and added a list clear at the touch_start event works like a charm! Thank you! now can you fix the 10M rezz limit :matte-motes-big-grin-wink: Thanks Again!
  9. Building a list from the key is a great idea...thank you, will let you guys know how it fares
  10. Doing that though would generate and continual repeating message at each timer event
  11. so here is the scanning script I wrote to detect the named object, where I am having issues, is when I plug in the llGetObject details the script fails, All I am trying to do is set a beacon at the pos of the named object and message that pos and the object desc to the owner, integer type = 2; integer on = TRUE; string objectname = "[Named Object]"; default { touch_start(integer total_number) { on = llAbs(on - 1); if (on) { llSetTimerEvent(2.5); llOwnerSay("Scanning"); llSetText("Scanning",<0,1,0>, 1); llTargetOmega(<0,0,0>,0.1,PI); } else { llSetTimerEvent(0); type = 2; llSay(0,"Scanner is Off"); llOwnerSay("Scanner is Off"); llSetText("Scanner is Off",<1,0,0>, 1); } } timer() { llSensor(objectname, "", type, 10, PI); type = type * 2; if (type > 8) type = 2; } sensor(integer total_number) { integer i; for (i = 0; i <total_number; i++) { llRezObject("Beacon", llDetectedPos(i), <0.0,0.0,0.0>, <0.0,0.0,0.0,1.0>, 0); } } } // Thanks for any help guys!
  12. THANK YOU! That solves the dilemma but creates a new one, what I am trying to do is : I have a prim scanning for a named object, upon it sensing the named object it rezs another prim to the sensed objects location as a beacon of sorts. I would like this beacon to capture the object details of the named object and instant message them to owner of the beacon. I was hoping the collision event that would occur upon the rezz event could be used as the trigger. I could script another sensor in the beacon but was having issues with llGetObjectDetails from within the sensor state. Any other ideas? Thanks!
  13. Hi All, trying to use the below snippet to grab the object details of an object , weird behavior is the the script doesn't detect an object in contact with the prim containing the script. It does however detect and grab the details of an avatar when the collision is made. I have tried linked prims and a single prim colliding with the script containing prim to no avail. Any suggestions would be apprciated. collision_start(integer n) { key uuid=llDetectedKey(0); list a = llGetObjectDetails(uuid, ([OBJECT_NAME,OBJECT_DESC, OBJECT_POS])); llSay(0,"\nName: \"" + llList2String(a,0) + "\"" + "\nDescription: \"" + llList2String(a,1) + "\"" + "\nPosition: " + llList2String(a,2)); llShout(23, llDetectedName(i) ); llSay(PUBLIC_CHANNEL, llGetObjectDesc() ); }
  14. actually I am try to change the rotation of the rezzer and have the rezzed objects rezzed in line and rotation of the rezzer Example would be rezzing objects at z=0, move 2 meters, rezz object at z=0, etc... rotate the rezzer 90 degrees , rezz object at z= 90, move 2 meters, rezz object at z=90 I am able to rezz at 0 , move 2 meters on a named loop, after rotating the rezzer however it still moves and rezzes at z=0 thanks for the help
  15. this is fantastic, but if i wanted to to have the rezzer move 2 meters after rezzing an object , can that be done with LLSetPos? I have been trying to write a prim orginizer of sorts and what I am trying to do / Rezz a prim, move 2 meters in a direction and rezz the next prim in it's inventory. I have been able to rezz a prim and do a loop to move 2 meters , using your script i was able to get the loop to go in one direction, but modification of the script is required to change the direction of the rezzing objects. llRezAtRoot(llGetInventoryName(INVENTORY_OBJECT,0), llGetPos()+offset*llGetRot(), ZERO_VECTOR,(child_rot/rezzer_rot)*llGetRot(), 99); llSetPos(llGetPos()+<-2,0,0>); It appears to me, that somehow the script needs to read the rezzors rotation and align the directing of rezzing accordingly. Any ideas?
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