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  1. Mostly preventable. Pressure cooker and mason jars. I've personally eaten fruits that had been canned for over 13+ years. Entirely possible to can meats also though I am not sure how long shelf-life would be. Unsure how to can? duckduckgo is your friend. (Just don't let your pressure cooker explode.)
  2. Odds are in favor of survival. Hoarders are busy handling product that has been through many hands, not every package is loaded/boxed by one individual. So please, hoard away, we'll know where possible free loot is in 3 weeks after your purchase. (Depending on your current health, that is.)
  3. I don't know whether to believe you or not because of that last line but if #2 is true, that is pure gold.
  4. Yes, I was supposed to be in there for a week or two. What happens is you could not see any other users who were placed there, you could not send IMs, you couldn't open landmarks from inventory. You could, however, still send/receive inventory. I made a notecard, sent it to a friend. We sent a couple back and forth until I he sent me one with a landmark attached. Could open the landmark from the notecard and teleport out. Problem was, the issue with unable to send IMs/local chat followed with. So, being naive, I contacted live support when that also was a thing. Explained how I got out and in turn they temp-banned me for the rest of the duration I was supposed to be in the cornfield.
  5. Ah, my bad, just read in two different places that clearing cache is a last resort type of thing since inventory switched from UDP to HTTP. Figured it was like a typical tech-support response of, "Did you try turning it off and on?"
  6. I've done all of it, last resort isn't clearing cache, last resort is filing ticket. One of the prim storage items are infact still in my inventory, but with every (no copy)(no transfer) items removed.
  7. Currently as I wait for a response to a filed ticket of massive inventory loss (yes, it is lost. Still intact on preview grid, maliciously removed from main. thx obama) I want to know what great feats you have achieved! Current stress-testers need not respond, you should actually tone it down. A lot. Reality is now trolling the world, give SL a break. - - - Anyhow, I escaped the cornfield (when it was a thing) with a notecard. What have you done? (Your own feats, not a tool/hud/script purchased or distributed freely.)
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