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  1. Dear Ebbe, Vitally important question: will Second Life 2 support topless Tuesday? I presume it will and as with all Second Life 2, there will be more and better?
  2. Dres, what the hell are you thinking, taking responsibility for your own actions?!
  3. Undoubtedly the argument has moved on, but Pie suggested something which deserves a response. For all the time I argued with Pep, I never once saw him come anywhere close to wishing cancer upon anyone. He posted many things I may have found objectionable, but never that. Also, anyone mentioning cliques has forgotten their history. The term is FIC. It's always FIC, regardless of context in an SL forum! Love.
  4. Phil Deakins, I presume you are searching the old archives looking for evidence that Pep wished cancer upon someone. You might (or might not) recall that I was directly involved in the "cancer" incident. Ah, good times! Anyway, sorry to burst your bubble, but it was Rhonda Huntress who wished cancer upon Pep. In fact, she subsequently clarified that she really really meant it. Pep had recently lost a friend to cancer (and Pep is the first to tell you not to believe everything you read on the internet, but let's assume it's true) so it seems rather unlikely that he would be wis
  5. I think they suit you. Don't change a thing!
  6. So the display name appears above the user name, which means that display names have become glorified titlers, it would seem. Something which one can already do by creating a group and changing one's active role text to whatever. And a team developed this. A team of people. Spending development budget. Worked hard and diligently to create something which, at best, effectively does what one could already do, and at worst, will confuse people while doing it. People complain that LL doesn't listen to its users... well this seems to be what happens when it does. This feature now reeks of "design
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