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  1. as the vice president of a virtual MC, of which holds its own patch and designs in sl, and sl alone, I have taken down a couple "rl patch wearing" residents of sl, simply by contacting the RL club presidents to find out the legitimacy of the claims that they are official members, and the two I took down were not HA but other major clubs in the real world, AND were actually official members of said RL clubs in sl acting like idiots. Some MC's in sl are nice folks, doing good things. Typically an rl club, has a high level of hate for any type of gamer or virtual bikers, and they are quite upfront about that when contacted. You want to do something about it? do what I did.
  2. Given all the recent hate of the southern flag, I have now had a listing revoked from marketplace, it never sold in the first place, but regardless I feel now that my own rights are violated, it was a mesh vest, with the southern cross flag on it, in a line of 'dont tread on me" clothing etc. It was yanked, no explanation of who or why other than it was offensive, and no way to contest this, why is this something I cannot protest?
  3. fans are like family, and ive moved a group like this before, and suffered major losses over it, I cant do that with my current concept, because its how i make my living, so seeing as she has already ruined credibility with certain venues for me, shouldnt that be grounds? if so, then the report for her defamation of character, should suffice, but it is a well known issue, that it takes more than a few reports to get things moving along . . . so, while yes, 4, 3, 5, any amount of times were plenty to drive h9ome what was a mistake . . . but alas, I am still at the same crossroads. I believe it should be changed that we would be ABLE to make this demotion, since we own the groups we create. at least let me get her out of the owner role, would only make sense, its my gorup, my fans, and my character she is slaying.
  4. since april 25th 2008 I have been an active musician in second life, to loyal fans and friends and any venue that wished to book me, and this tradition still goes on strong. yesterday I receive troubling news that my former manager, and friend, has decided to start bashing me to other venues, including one which i am a part owner. This person is marring my character verbally, as well as that of my partner, and also well known musician in Second Life, Gina Stella. I have filed a report, but I am told that ill not likely get the request because im not a premium member, but i have been, and can be again tomorrow. so far other than the standard message you get, stating you should be sure you want to add an owner, because you cannot delete one once this takes place, I have heard it can happen. I have seen people say start a new group, which is simply not an option, because this is my fan group, which I started and built, and I cannot lose the 580 fans in that group, and do not wish to state in the group that there is an issue at hand. I am dropping a notecard to the person asking her to remove herself, but it is not likely going to happen. I dont need the drama in my group, or on my name, I have had enough of my own self created problems before this occured. I am the creator of the group, I spent the 100 lindens to do it, and have always supported music in sl in its finest venues, and with the finest artists and fans, we are all like a family of our own. I am looking for assistance by anyone with power to do so, and hopefully, the report I filed will get me that before this turns into something else in my group. thanks for any assistance in this matter.
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