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  1. LlazarusLlong wrote: For clarification, I non-loosely define a professional as any individual who does something for money. As any good dictionary confirms. Especially since graphic design is not a profession, which obviates the other meaning. Graphic design is a discipline involving the pre-arrangement of elements for the purposes of visual communication. A graphic designer is a profession. 3D animation, modeling, texturing and special effects may incorporate some overlap from design theory but are regarded as separate disciplines in themselves (this is what Maya is for). In any ca
  2. LlazarusLlong wrote: Phadrus Karu wrote: For hobbyists without plans to commercialize their work, price might be the sole motivating factor; but the hobbyist demographic isn’t what we’re talking about here, the professional/semi-professional content creators are. You sound like Ebbe voicing Peter Gray's words in the corporate attempt to flush your scorned "hobbyists" out of SL2. Do you not realise that 99% of the content creators in SL started as "hobbyists", whatever they might consider their status now? And why on earth would non-loser "professionals" bother creating in a world t
  3. LlewLlwyd wrote: Phadrus Karu wrote: A perpetual license costs $795 more than Blender, a quarter of the price of the studio variant of Maya, [which is therefore $3,180 more than Blender] . A subscription is also available for $30 a month more than Blender costs, or $240 a year more than Blender; which is $20 a month more than Blender There may be a multitude of other reasons why some individuals choose not to use Maya, and cost is certainly one of them. FIFY! ***Thank you for the anti-advertisement*** Context is everything. For hobbyists without plans to commercialize thei
  4. I generally have great respect for content creators, particularly animators as they have a very tough job. However, when critics dabble outside their field of knowledge (i.e. Maya software), hubris can sometimes strike in a big way and wisdom becomes nothing but the championing of willful ignorance. Unfortunately, both the first two posts in this thread fall firmly in that camp. Medhue Simoni wrote: First let me talk about the Maya centric attitude in silicon valley. Why? Why? Why? I swear, they never learn. Every single platform that started out Maya or 3ds Max centric in their tools, ende
  5. This was a previous test project completed during the mesh beta. It includes individual planks at the highest LOD while using facade flat textures for the lower LODs. The bridge is modular; being divided into four sections. It is just 10 prims but can be further optimized. With some careful management and consideration for how Second Life implements mesh, many large objects can be made equivalent to their prim or sculpty counterparts with respect to land impact.
  6. I await the day when I can utilize Apple's iPad or Samsung's Galaxy as a poor man's Wacom Cintiq.
  7. Unfortunately, only the FBX/DAE 2011 plugin is supported at this time. I have a separate copy of an older version of Maya for which I have this plugin installed for use as an export platform to Second Life.
  8. For the combat oriented crowd: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=10ij7joI9uY&hd=1 A few test renders of the F-15 (sans the interior): http://img841.imageshack.us/img841/3824/f151.png http://img510.imageshack.us/img510/2935/f153.png http://img13.imageshack.us/img13/7393/f154t.png I seem to be unable to directly embed images and video on the forums. I assume these privileges are only made available after a certain post-count threshold has been reached? The knowledge base resource was unhelpful.
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