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  1. Pretty much to the point (sadly), good post I can add this, i'm in Belgium, have a verified Paypal account (and yes it has currency in it), but nothing will go through the Lindex without adding an actual credit card. So thats not an option either, which leaves some rather unsafe US type creditcards with whom i've had headaches before. On a side note, even if you have US$ left in your SL account and you try to buy L$ for exactly that amount or even less it gets declined. I thought i'd at least would be able to buy up the US$ to L$ to give away to some old friends, but not even that works.
  2. Well honestly, after more than 8 years taking BS from LindenLabs, not to mention pouring tens of thousands euros into it, this pretty much does it. Either they update their outdated Paypal/CC system for Lindex in something like say more of this age and preferably in my own € currency, since - yeah you read it right - not all of us idiots who pour money into it - live in the USA. Their paypal would maybe even do if they didnt require a US type Creditcard for every transaction even if the amount is present in paypal through a bank transfer. I'll just consider it all a big waste and move on, since i'm not about to go to venues and pay people 10L$ (which is downright pityful for those that dont get it) and waste their time as well as mine.
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