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  1. I'm still on the search.... it really is surprising that LL would spend so much time building roads all over [in the Teens Grid also!] and not provide any access for folks to ride the great motobikes, cars and ATV that have been made for those places..... If I could just get a couple of coords for a couple of REZ zones on the Teen grid. Can I request the moles to build a few ? -Tory Micheline
  2. I spent a bit of time flying all the roads on the Teen Grid. Not a rez zone to be found. How did all those Teens get around in their Tanks and Battle Equipment ? I must be on the wrong continent for driving roads. hehe. -Tory Micheline
  3. I guess the ocean group [ sailors ] got pretty organized with this. We used to have to mark on the maps the rez zones when our boats crashed, but now there are locations in the blake sea which can be used to rez up. I will be looking and marking the rez zones for the wheeled fun stuff.
  4. I really love what Lindens did the the teraforming.... but can't find a rez zone anywhere by the roads.
  5. Ansariel, Thanks for your reply. So.... the Teen Sims were transitioned to regular Sims [ G rated ] and some of the groups that were there before decided to keep their land and pay tier? Can I assume that all land on the Teen Sims has tier being paid on it or is going through the usual LL process - abandonment, resale, auction etc. I am just interested that my last two locations has so much more traffic. Here in Alloy if you get a green dot on your radar its a major incident. ;-) Thanks so much for your help. -Tory
  6. Hi, I'm renting a nifty 512 m2 in Alloy [formerly a Teen Grid Sim] Who owns all this land? Seems vacant for the most part. Are the AVI's/ Owners / quit the game and still paying tier OR is the land in some limbo. The teraforming is awesome here outside of having more water for sailing. LOL -Tory Micheline
  7. Orca KNOWs her stuff and states it for truth. I did have a parcel up on Nuclear which you could fetch all the way west to Jacqueline Trudeau's island. Any land or water that is Protected [ can't be built so you can't get out ] is premium and will command a premium price. Load your purse and get ready to search hard and long. Good luck! -Tory
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