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  1. Hey guys, sorry for the late answer... thank you very much for your help.. so now i will try your suggestions! :-)
  2. Hey there, a little Problem. When I tried to upload my Mesh House with a Physic Shape, I get the following Problem: Blender look: Upload Window: Someone know this Problem? I tried to apply scale, rotation and location in blender, but the problem is still there. It only works, when I Join the 8 Objects from the House to 1 Object. But then I don't can use all my Material Textures... Thank you very much!
  3. Thank you all for your answer. I tried all your tipps, but the result is the same I don't know what I should do now.. Tried to give the file to a friend and he have the same problem with the object.
  4. Thank you. yeah i did not applied the checkbox for sink weights. i opend it only for a screenshot. The result with checking the box is the same result. I checked for double vertices and tried in edit mode W and then R. 0 verticles removed. and i did recalculate the normals with ctrl + n. Same effect when i want to upload the mesh. Yes, i use a solidify modifier on the hole model for the tests. I applied it and removed edges inside the model (like you see one the one picture). It is a bit mysterious: when i open building - upload - mesh... and choose the mesh object it tooks 3-4 seconds and then i see already the mesh with the ugly triangles. When i close the upload window and try again.. the ugly triangles are on the other sides.. like random. And after 10 times and 5 crashes... it was possible to upload 1 correct model. But I think this isn't a good way.
  5. Hi Rolig Loon, thank you for your answer. I checked them in blender, but there were no verticles in the middle. I tried it two times with different meshes.. but the same effect...
  6. Hey there, please someone can help me: I have some trouble to upload rigged meshes from blender v2.64 with avastar. I am trying to rigging some ease meshes to test it on beta grid, but most time the upload failed, cause there were ugly triangles. Also I crashed many many times.. after 10 times i get 1 good upload, but the rest failed. I have made some photos: Maybe someone know the problem? I tried 3 different Viewers, the Second Life Viewer gets the best result and was the only way to upload it 2 times very fine. But the high poly one i can't upload fine... Thank you for any help (and sorry for my bad english). Yoshi Bagley
  7. Hi Karl, thank you very much, that was exactly that, what i am looking for. I will be carfully with that, for sure
  8. so there is no way to apply this to a mesh and upload it then with these attributes?
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