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  1. You can check out Empry Haven, as well.
  2. Soul has some good orc teeth. I'm unsure if they'd fit a child avatar, though.
  3. I'll most definitely be keeping an eye on this topic, as what you've found seems to be the gist of what I've found, too. I've tried Cocoa Bay, too (and Liberty Bay as well), but as you've said, most everyone stayed in their homes or were OOC. I'd definitely be happy to get in contact with you and help with the search!
  4. I'm talking to some of the owners, and furry avatars are not required to visit. It's been a pleasant experience talking to them (pun intended) so far. I'd recommend a visit!
  5. I've seen it somewhere, but can't remember where. If anybody has any inkling as to where it could be from, it'd be much appreciated if you'd share. I thought Krankhaus at first, but I have literally all of his clothing and I don't think this person is wearing a kemono or avatar 2.0.
  6. I may have to check it out when I get home if you all are still around. Do you allow fantasy-esque avatars (not wholly human, like elves and fauns and the like) to hold businesses?
  7. I'm not sure if it's okay to post this here, but I wanted to tell everyone reading that I've lived here before (and will continue to do so, when I get paid again), and this place is nothing short of amazing. Fantastic and friendly customer service, beautiful plots, and some really neat features you can't find anywhere else. KQ is hard to beat. <3
  8. Even though you've likely made your decision already, I thoughtI'd throw out there that Genesis Lab has some really beautiful bento heads. I use Lena, which has an aquiline nose. The only problem is that it isn't omega skin compatible.
  9. I am very interested! I'll be giving you a poke once I get home tonight.
  10. I AM looking on my own (I have a few places earmarked for exploration after work), but I'm wanting to see if anyone has any personal suggestions! I'd love to find a community where I could live and hang out, somewhere kids can pop by and trick or treat during halloween, where I can lean out and wish my neighbor a good day, know what I mean? I've roleplayed for awhile now, but have never on SL. I write primarily as human, and wish to find something non-fantasy. Thank you in advance for suggestions! ♡
  11. Hello, Kimoii! I'm Ink, and I've been around SL for about six or so years now. I don't talk to too many people (and those whom I did speak with when I first started are long gone now), so I'd be happy to be your friend and chat; just IM me in-world!
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