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  1. In RL i'm white and i love wearing Black skin, but it was not easy to do... it's a personal feeling, because i think that the attitude of people around me is different if i wear a black skin. I dont know how to say ... it's like a "light" racism ... when i wear black skin i hear some friends said "you have burnt under the sun" ... they censured themself as if to say the color was a racist act LOL. But i think it's more like a discomfort, some people can't imagine, can't go beyond the reality in SL ...
  2. I admit my body is not really like my avatar but my taste for fashion is the same and maybe more accentuate with my SL experience. When i do shopping in RL i love to compare RL design with SL.
  3. oh no no it was about SL, just a little bit roleplay question maybe, just to know if you have a non fashion style to relax in SL . exeample for me : Me
  4. Poptart imagine this situation : it's the weekend, it's a rainy day, you dont want to see friends, just to have a lazy day watching tv with some chips ^^ i would like to know how you look at this moment, when studio in SL are closed, what is your lazy fashion look ? (hard question lol)
  5. Same that Nuuna even if for some accessories mesh will rocks ! For hair, it's pretty cool, i have tested one from Alice Project and the effect is nice. And i'm impatient to see choker in mesh, and corset, and belt !! for shoes i don't really see the effect, just if it's for long boots. I'm impatient to see all what creators will do, i have visited the aditi grid when mesh were just for test, i have seen some building in mesh, i hope to see them inworld
  6. When i make a cake in real life i don't lay an egg or create the milk myself lol so in SL it doesn't matter if the template is not a pure creation or if the sculpt is sold full perm ... for me the result is the most important, how the creator express himself in the object.
  7. When i have started my blog, i thought to write in english, but i have abandonned fast this idea, my vocabulary was very too much light ^^ i have thought to write in french will be an handicap, and i think i was wrong. Because my blog concept is to mix fashion, stories, poetry, and travel it's like a road book and my photos go everytime with my stories or the feeling i want to share. That's why, i think, many non-french people read me.
  8. It was very funny to do ^^ in 2007 i wasn't really fashion ... a pure newbie with LL hair lol in 2008, i begin to do some effort, i exhib some Art, i have tattoo, i'm a bad girl ^^ in 2009, i begin my fashion blog, the changement is radical, i'm pretty in 2010, i continue ^^ i'm glam ! in 2011, i'm so sexy !! in 4 years soon 5, i have changed 3 times of computer, the quality of photo is here
  9. Cool event, but why there is no french expert ^^
  10. Bonjour tout le monde, Voilà je lance un nouveau sujet, mais il ne s'agit pas d'une question mais plutôt d'un avis que j'aimerais partager avec les Lindens. Ne sachant pas où le faire exactement, je l'écris ici. Mon propos porte sur la v2 et les deux modes "basic" et "advanced". La version Basic est une bonne initiative mais totalement inadaptée. Je m'explique. Je suis co-owner d'une sim qui figure dans le panel de destination, pour ne pas la citer Arcachon ^^. Et nous recevons beaucoup de visites de nouveaux résidents. En terme de publicité, je pourrais croire qu'il s'agis
  11. Eve Kazan


    Bon j'écris un petit message pour voir ^^, je sais pas trop si j'utiliserais ce forum plutot que JOL Coucou les français et les francophones bisous eve
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