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  1. I live in a dangerous and exotic place, Seattle, Washington, just 20 miles east of Snoutsville. ? As per some of the earlier comments, FinCEN is US federal law, although it can be triggered by money moving from outside the US into or out of the US. Created in the Reagan Administration to combat drug cartel money laundering and the US banks that often assist them. My problem with Second Life was their requests could have all been done by them. I had to log into my account and look up the information they requested, I essentially did their work for them. Yish. Loydin Tripp
  2. I have owned a private region for over ten years, paid my rent each month. Charged my tenants (who are my friends ) close to cost. That is 120 payments, one each month, for ten years with no mishap or issue. Two weeks ago I executed a process credit, post fees, was a little over $38.00. Linden Labs has refused to complete the transaction to my Papal, withholding the funds with the excuse that FinCEN requires me to provide some fairly intrusive personal information to prove who I am. Strangely, most of the information is in their own records: my credit card -on file for 12 years, payment history of island, transfers from other Second Life residents -the friends who contribute to the private region rent and the needed details to transfer money to my PayPal account. They also know my real world name, address and any other particulars associated with my credit card. Anyone else going thru this or have heard of this? Much thanks, Loydin Tripp
  3. I would love to know where that is, the "other" SL forum. It seems to be an annual event that Linden Labs starts another 'episode' with me. Be wonderful to have place to ask questions and voice concerns minus the ever watchful and occasionally censoring Linden Labs. Thanks, Loydin Tripp
  4. I was not sure where to place this message, settled on Technology but there is no Category that really fits. There a number of references in the former forums to the former blogs but when I click on them I am simply taken to the first page of the current blogs and not the original article. Some examples... Second Life Forums Archive - WEHT: Ragdoll Animations/Animation Overriding via Preferences? At the bottom in the 3rd post... http://blog.secondlife.com/2006/07/13/notes-from-second-life-views-part-i/ Second Life Forums Archive - Linden Lab Introduces Expressive Puppeteering to Second Life 3rd post from the top... http://blog.secondlife.com/2006/07/13/notes-from-second-life-views-part-i/#more-288 I found some others but this will serve to show the issue. Thanks.
  5. While I am in favor if integrating all ages into the grid, this is NOT a complete solution. How does Linden Lab intend to block teens from getting adult content from 3rd party, non-SL Marketplace sources? A simple web page could be set up that automatically triggers a script to transfer an item to another user. No, the only way this would be secure would be if teen accounts are explicitly disconnected from receiving objects from other avatars, and could only get objects that are dispensed from estates. Hiro, I logged in to make this point but you made it so well... enough said.
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