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  1. So, there is no viewer or patch or any way I can run SL with this Graphics Card?
  2. I've had this collar forever and have continued to update when needed. However, after the 3.8 update I cannot figure out how to change the text that appears on the front of the collar. Anyone have any idea how to do this? The Guide doesn't have anything in it regarding the aesthetics of the collar and none of the menus do either.
  3. I figured as much, was just curious. Kind of a bummer, but ah well. Such is bread of any everyday Second Life. Thanks.
  4. Hi all, So, I've noticed a strange shadow over a lot of my eyes. Some packs I've bought, some freebies, etc. The shadow is over the top portion of the entire eyeball. Anyone know why this is and how to fix it?
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