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  1. Thank you tons Chic. The textures are there under another viewer. So I will work on getting them over from another viewer.
  2. Thank you Chic, I shall try that.
  3. Greetings All, This evening ( May 19th PST) I was building, when i noticed that 90% of my textures were missing from my inventory. Only the most recent textures, which i have purchased, were showing. I have tried logging out then in, checked my filters. Has anyone had this issue? am I the only one? How can I get them back? Thanks in advance
  4. The loading screen for SL would tell me My card was a ATI. Now after your suggestion it calls it a GTX 870, and works great. Thank you very much.
  5. thanks tons I edited the txt file its still having issues and giving me low quality graphics.
  6. Hello All I recently purchased a new laptop computer (i7 4800) with a nVidia gtx870m video card in it. When I enter SL it trys to use the intel HD 4600 graphics, which give me mid to hi graphics . If i try to use the nVidia gtx 870m card. SL says Im using a ATI GeForce Lulz , which gives me the lowest quality graphics. Any one have any ideas how to use the GTX 870m card in SL. I have heard that older 700 series cards work great in SL, giving unltra graphics.
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