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  1. Wish I knew how to help ya. I know this works for AMD users, but not sure what to do for other cards.
  2. Tried that. Didn't work. I don't have any problems, because I did this already.
  3. Hi there! Feel free to call me Mae. Now, I have been running into people over the past few months that had some problems very similar to the ones I had involving Firestorm and AMD drivers. What usually happens is the following errors/glitches occur: Mesh does not render on yourself or othersMesh renders poorly/stretches or flickers randomlyLines appear across the screen for SecondLife onlyChecking the Hardware Skinning option under graphics fixes this, but causes the Mesh to look uglyChanging LOD for Mesh to 4.0 doesn't fix these issues So I spent a few weeks searching through various options until I found something that finally works. It turns out that there is a problem between SecondLife and AMD drivers when it comes to mesh products rendering properly. This is where a very simple fix comes into play until AMD gets off it's butt to fix the issue the driver updates caused. This link will contain a folder with some files that were taken from a previous version of Firestorm. If you copy these files and paste them into the Firestorm directory, it should fix the issues I mentioned above. I have tried with 3 or 4 other people with these issues and it has fixed each of them. The path to the firestorm folder is something along the lines of: C:\Program Files\Firestorm-Betax64 The files are available to download here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/go1s2qugd7e4eep/AAB2rwVPg5vDSajRR7OM2izha?dl=0 Thank you to the person below for pulling up one of the original places I went to for the files listed above: https://modemworld.wordpress.com/2014/12/13/amd-catalyst-drivers-additional-windows-workaround/
  4. I know they don't come cheap. I am not THAT picky, either. I am open to negotiation, but I am also very firm in the decision that anything I commission isn't going to someone else. Custom work is supposed to remain just that, custom. I will rewrite this in a moment since you bring up a valid point. Edit- removed the TOS, and will discuss it with whoever is available to the comission
  5. Requirements: -Must be okay with the example of the tattoo desired being of adult content. I will censor it if needed. -Willing to accept payment only when I am satisfied with how it looks. -Patience is a must. I'm picky, but try to work with you as best I can. Now, what I am looking for is very simple. I want a specific tribal tattoo that contours to my feminine figure, on both sides of my body. From shoulders down to the thighs, and mirrored to be identical on each side. In the middle I want a tribal dragon ouroboros, that surrounds my navel. I want this to be full perm, with the agreement to not resell it. I want this to be mine alone, after all. I want both the tattoo layer and the texture that was used to make it, and would prefer it be white, so I might tint it to the color I see fit (probably black anyways) Price is negotiable.
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