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  1. I'll just leave this here then... Rolling Restarts are coming http://fav.me/d7fns9f
  2. I'm not intending to sell as a product. My plans are to build a good bot system and run a centralised support website to bring various users together to aid long term development. Like many other open source projects - I want it to be free to download and use software-wise. If I was to make any money from it I'd probably just put website ads on the support website and donation options to cover some of the development costs. For the moment I'm not putting much of an appeal out for consumers - but rather for anyone who would be interested to help develop it. Though interest from either side of the fence would help my motivation. If there is enough interest in it I'll at least start on attempting it myself and learn a few things the hard way. If any other developers want to join in as it evolves then more help the merrier.
  3. Pretty much with most of my inspiration coming from the way "Turnkey Linux" provides virtual appliances - I am thinking this might be a pretty cool idea.... Creating a dedicated operating system "appliance" harnessing all the functionality that can be done with bots or "Scripted Agents" as LL calls them... For all the details I've written up my ideas here: http://colinnashonline.com/2012/06/14/tempted-to-take-the-vera-project-a-step-further/ Anyone interested in seeing this happen?
  4. I am a guy who doesn't run around for a nice set of prims to mount. Basically sticking to a rule my RL partner got me to agree to - no in-world relationships! As far as I'll go is great friendships. Even though I got my main avatars age verified - I didn't do it for the sex - I did it for the freedom to go anywhere wether it was a sex place or not. If I do end up travelling to a sex oriented place - it would usually be to point and laugh at whatever's there... About the only times you'll catch me doing sex things is usually to make a situation even more funnier when I'm with a group of friends as I do run about with an adult minded sense of humor at times. Or if I'm making something something or helping someone in an adult sandbox. Every other time I'm just my usual self doing the more "safer activities" like building non-sexual stuff, helping noobs and chatting to a bunch of friendly people. I think the best way to relationships in SL is a kind of open relationship where you don't expect anything from your friend (and they shouldn't have expectations about you either) as well as not being posessive over each other in terms of who they talk to and mingle with. Simply enjoy chatting and hanging out doing fun things with anyone, anywhere in any way that feels good. (Personally I think this should apply to RL more.)
  5. awesome - hopefully it doesn't hurt too many people until it's put in place
  6. My experience so far: I haven't been hit directly with it myself - but several friends and one of two bots I have running on a sim got whisked away. It appears the greifer attack is limited to a number of meters (from where it is deployed) as other people in skyboxes and the far parts of the sim were unaffected the whole time. This may indicate the attack may be limted to the attacking viewer's view range or an object detection range. As for the bot - according to the logs she was hit with an object masking her own name, ripped off her base station and got sent to several sims including the cornfield and a weapons sandbox a couple of times and ended up finding her in a pile of other unfortunate bots from other sims in one of the Brony places. Had to relog the bot to send her home.
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