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  1. Oh, I am looking for how to fill a support ticket... and I land here? lol
  2. This is a recurrent question, and as far as I know, it is not true. Lag happens in the viewer and into the transfers between the world and the viewers. The inventory is still in the database, and it is not involved in this. Especially I hardly see how the way it is organized may affect lag. Mains sources of lag are: -Windows scraping the hard drive (and other "background tasks which pass before the main task, such as anti-virus scan, defragmentation, etc.) -quantity of prims in sight. SL has severe limitations in prims for landscapes, but we must be aware that some outfits have hundreds, s
  3. I had similar problems, they reacted in some days. :-) Note that abandonned land are put in auction. This may interest you... or bring you bad neighbors -(
  4. Submit a support ticket. First, abandoned land has no actual owner, or the owner does no more come in world. Second, only Governor Linden and his staff can modify abandonned land. As far as I know, they work well, so just ask :-)
  5. Hmmmm.... there is no simple way to do so. There is no export function for SL objects. This is a problem. If you have time, you can copy-paste notecards, make screen copies of textures and record sounds. In a general way, do this of course only for elements that you own, or which are free of copyright, such as textures which are memories for you. For objects, there was an (in)famous Copybot script created to save objects on your hard drive, but it was extensively used for copyright theft, so I don't know if it is still allowed and where to get it. And DO NOT use copies of unknown source or h
  6. The behaviour of this person, as you describe it, is clearly abusive. First, the capture roleplay sims are an exception to the TOS and general legal/politeness rules on "attacking" or "harrassing" people, as it is a part of the roleplay here. Second, this was clearly a provocation: sitting in an adult encounter/caapture sim, in adult attire, and claiming to be a victim... it is so gross that all the bloggers saw the trap Third, there is a disclosure of a private chat, and this is forbidden by the TOS and by laws. So you can report this person, who seems to clearly be a griefer, and you c
  7. This cannot come from your computer or viewer: if so, with using an alt, you would see your main character in the same way, using the alt or using the main character. So useless to fiddle your computer, the trouble is not here. Same reasoning goes with the items, prims, clothes, etc.
  8. Law is not "semantics". Better to understand the difference, before a court goes "bitching" you.
  9. I don't know if this is in the TOS, but anyway IMs are private, so it is always an offence to publish them without consent. RL laws need thick books to be described. If the TOS was to re-enumerate all what is forbidden by law, it would be a thick book too. So TOS is only about basic discipline, while not superseding laws. And the fact that an offence is not mentioned in the TOS does not make it legal.
  10. I must confess I don't understand these replies. I say "people feel that " and you replied as if it was MY opinion... we are not in the TV :-)
  11. This is not an abuse per se, and many people do this (although generally the contrary, RL females playing a male in SL to escape harassment) and anyway not a TOS violation. However there are cases where you should be careful not to harm your play mate's feelings: if you engage into sex activities, or love activities (or some professional activities). Some don't really care about your RL gender, but the majority will feel deeply hurt or raped if they realize that you are not the gender they expected. So you need some care if you engage into such activities. If you are in a place with sex p
  12. There is no such thing as a legally recognized privacy in Second Life. This is the reason why more and more national laws consider SL as a whole to be a sex club, even if most users are in for very different purposes. So beware: Being in a locked home does not protect your privacy. others can still cam into your home, enter, hear sounds, use poseballs, etc. You cannot avoid your IM and groups chats to be recorded on your correspondent's computer. On Windows, look at: c://documents and settings/Your user name/Application data/Second Life/Your character name If you really don't want this
  13. because there IS a viewer or two out there that display in Second Lifeas Emerald (and can also pretend to be other viewers as well) which isused by griefers. This is the reason why, if we use Emerald (as well as any other software) we need to download it on the manufacturer's site, and not on third party sites (geek sites, forums, advertisings, etc.) so in this case just follow the link indicated by LL.
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