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  1. Well when I ask some one if they are into me and they said of course then I kind of take their word for it. If they said they had multiple alts all with a different partner and I was just a bit of fun for them when their real partner doesn't log in then maybe it would make things a bit less complicated. Telling the truth shouldn't be that hard for peopel and make things a lot more fun and less stress in the long run, but seems that a lot of people in sl are not capable of doing such a thing. It doesn't seem to even make sense to them that they might actually be hurting some one elses feelin
  2. I've been in sl for a long while now and had many relationships, mostly with other women. How ever long I try to stick at it I always come to the same result. People do not seem to be capable of telling the truth... Most recently I met some one who I thought was genuine. We hung out, and started to get closer, I asked afew times if she was seriously into me and she said of course. Now I had no reason to question this and was feeling bad for being paranoid. Well one day we tped into a store and she was standing with a recent ex girlfriend. I asked if they knew each other and she said of
  3. Think I figured it out my self, I had moved the camera using alt 9-0 so it was closer than normal :matte-motes-big-grin-wink:
  4. Hi recently I've found the firestorm camera all clipping tolerence to be really bad. Basically if I walk around my camera tries to avoid hitting a wall by zooming in and out. This makes it hard to walk around certain sims and I have to use the alt ctrl keys to move my camera manually. Is there a way to remove camera clipping? Thanks
  5. Last time I checked wastelands was people running around looking for boxes and hitting each other with sticks. Not much rp if I remember.
  6. Me and my sister are looking to bring some one else into our little family. We are both mid 20s and looking for somebody or a smilar age and experience in sl. We do a little bit of BDSM so you must be used to that, so a sub would be encoraged. Not interested in any kind of incest type rp, we are more of a fraternitiy than a genetic family. We are looking for some one to hang out with and who fits well into our small circle, similar personality. I come from England and she is from Poland so we are a similar time zone GMT+-1. Send me an IM or nc if your interested! Or have any questions
  7. I've found this too, there are a lot of fantasy sims in sl but none really include the underdark. You will find drow hanging out in a taven or in the woods with no real concern for being above ground. Maybe its about balencing the sim races as more live above gound than below. The only think I can think of and have done my self is create a drow house for your self and put it in a skybox and invite over drow to join. Only problem is there are very few people who wanna play drow in sl
  8. Queer being none steriotypical females, generally lesbians. I've been to a lot of the gay clubs for girls in sl and mostly they seem populated by fem lesbian or bisexual women who look no different than streight women, bar a bit more slutty. I've been to the gay disctrict in my city and other cities quite regularily and you will find most bars populated by a mix of fems butches, FTMs, stones, boi's etc etc. But sl you hardly ever find these people. I have afew butch and boi friends but it seems like they don't really fit in with the general stlye of clubs in sl. I'm wondering if its becau
  9. Recently I've noticed that some times clothing does not sync between viewers. One person will be wearing the same outfit they were wearing afew minutes ago while they see them self wearing a compleatly different outfit. I've tried this using two viewers on different computers in my house and seen the same effect.
  10. So working on my own mesh I had this issue, I uploaded a sweater I had made and wore it from my inventory. Everything seemed fine until I asked my friend to have a look at it. She said she could not see it, I sent her a copy and same issue. I could see her wearing it but she couldn't see the mesh. At this point I remembered some thing, I rezzed the mesh on the ground and it was very small. I enlarged it and wore it from the ground. My friend immediatly saw me wearing the mesh and after I gave her a copy of this mesh she could see her self wearing the mesh. Today I logged in and jus
  11. You can import one using the old phonex but it will only be the shape, or you can use afew plugins. I'm not sure if the bones for small avatars are shorter or they are just offset.
  12. Freya Mokusei wrote: Mira Kamiguwa wrote: Teleport fails Items not rezzing; especially mesh clothing Crashing while crossing regions Items failing to deliver Items failing to deliver are to do with the Marketplace, and are also unaffected by mesh. Marketplace - as I understand it - isn't designed to work reliably. Items fail to deliver from inworld stores, some times appearing after a restart. I'd also like to metion I am using Phoenix Firestorm Release v4.2.2.29837. It may not be mesh directly causing the issue but all was well until the latest update. Another thing I ju
  13. I've been in second life for a long while now and of course used to certain regions being slower than others. The last month or so things have been very very slow: Teleport fails Items not rezzing; especially mesh clothing Crashing while crossing regions Items failing to deliver Some times the problem is solved by relogging, but I'm finding regions with avatars wearing mesh to be especially troublesome. Any ideas how to solve this problem?
  14. I'm looking for players and group leaders for a turn based dark fantacy group. The role play will be scripted and players will design characters and play in a changing skybox style setting. The style will be very simular to the old Dnd board games but using our avs and detailed rooms. -Humans, -Elves -Vampires - Trolls etc etc all welcome :matte-motes-bashful-cute-2: This could be adapted to any theme in the future, scifi etc Anyone interested? Sim owners offering free land in return for traffic are welcome too :catvery-happy:
  15. To upload the rigged mesh I used blender 4.49a. The textures are uploaded separately not using the mesh upload function. It seems to happen more when I transfer the mesh but also happens on my screen from time to time. Reapplying the texture will fix the problem sometimes. I'm going to file a jira I think.
  16. Hi I've uploaded a number of mesh and send them to people or sold them. I'm getting the problem that for some the textures do not load, only partially load. I'm wondering if it is related to texture size. I'm currently using 512x512 textures. I'll be thankful for any input.
  17. Private corporation which experiments with various viruses and illegal technology in the hope that it will give them an advantage over other corporations. Often kidnapping or attacking other corporations and infecting the general population with experimental viruses. http://technopunk.org/groups/data-recovery-foundation/ Needs company staff, researchers, security, operatives etc. The theme is official corporate, suits ties although slightly deformed, sharp teeth demonesc style. Secruity is high tech military, simular to the forces in Halflife 2 very vicious style of role play. Just requ
  18. We have a team of people working on this and great builder too . Role play doesn't start without people on sim and the group and forums are free to join :matte-motes-big-grin: Alough I did pose the same issues with the welcome area it should get sorted soon.
  19. We need some people to come role play at the amazing hangars liquides sim! Just join the rp group to get in contact an propose role play ideas! Faction leaders and roles open :). http://technopunk.org/
  20. Also no explorer or ooc tags? I found a way too get down there but had to leave quick for feer of being banned >,< lol
  21. From what I heard the sim owner had to change the names of a number of items and parcels on his land because there were too many references to charicters and names in the Dune books. This doesn't stop people acting out scenarios inspired by the books as long as no money is being exhanged for the privalge or too many direct references are being used imo.
  22. I think looking for a CCS sim with no combat sim. After all CCS stands for 'Community combat system' and not community role playing system. You also hate guns and violence but dont mind dark role play?
  23. Take a look at this http://realmofmystara.com/articles/roleplay-for-beginners Other than that please try to wear an origional outfit and rp an origional charicter, not just some charciter you read about on the back of a cereal packet .
  24. Since xstreet changed to marketplace the search function seems to be very off. For example here are a number of keywords and there results: House Given results: Patulas House Black and white ribbon heels Promo!! K&L 3LectriK kitty (female) Adult pilo pillow Dress Mens formal dress shoes Hat Compleat avatar box Gothica Chick avatar I beleave the search fuction is picking up keywords people are using to wrogly label their items to improve selling results. So please use proper key words :)
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