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  1. Well when I ask some one if they are into me and they said of course then I kind of take their word for it. If they said they had multiple alts all with a different partner and I was just a bit of fun for them when their real partner doesn't log in then maybe it would make things a bit less complicated. Telling the truth shouldn't be that hard for peopel and make things a lot more fun and less stress in the long run, but seems that a lot of people in sl are not capable of doing such a thing. It doesn't seem to even make sense to them that they might actually be hurting some one elses feelin
  2. I've been in sl for a long while now and had many relationships, mostly with other women. How ever long I try to stick at it I always come to the same result. People do not seem to be capable of telling the truth... Most recently I met some one who I thought was genuine. We hung out, and started to get closer, I asked afew times if she was seriously into me and she said of course. Now I had no reason to question this and was feeling bad for being paranoid. Well one day we tped into a store and she was standing with a recent ex girlfriend. I asked if they knew each other and she said of
  3. Think I figured it out my self, I had moved the camera using alt 9-0 so it was closer than normal :matte-motes-big-grin-wink:
  4. Hi recently I've found the firestorm camera all clipping tolerence to be really bad. Basically if I walk around my camera tries to avoid hitting a wall by zooming in and out. This makes it hard to walk around certain sims and I have to use the alt ctrl keys to move my camera manually. Is there a way to remove camera clipping? Thanks
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