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  1. First, you can log out and back in, yes? If not, you are probably ghosted and need a sim restart. If you can and can move around, then pick a sim name. Pooley works here. Now, log out and go to log back in. On your start page you should have a pulldown that says My last location, my home, and type location here. Type in Pooley or choose your home if you have a home point set. Now log back in. That will log you in to a different sim. That should get you to a different sim. Good luck.
  2. That's the command I was looking for. I couldn't remember what it was and no one I asked inworld seemed to be able to recall what it was...Thanks.
  3. I have done all that. I also removed SL from my computer completely and reinstalled. Still having the problem...worst part is this is where I am renting an apartment, so I spend a bit of time here.
  4. I logged in with an alt and the sim I was in was being restarted and I got caught in the restart, no problem, it's happened before. When I logged back in I was stuck as a cloud. Cleared cache and relogged, still a cloud. So, I went to a different alt that was in another sim. Cloud for a bit, but then that cleared. I TPd into the sim my first alt was in and get the message that SL couldn't complete the region transition, even though I was there. I logged off and back on as that alt and I was back where I started and stuck as a cloud. I TPd to a neighboring sim and had no problems. Cloud went away. Walked into the sim in question and was fine. Had to log out for a bit. I logged back in with that alt and...I was back where I started and a cloud, again. I tried logging in as the first alt and still a cloud. Same with a third alt that was in that same sim. Contacted the sim owner who stated she was having no problems. This was with Emerald and the SL 1.23 viewers. I also tried rebooting my modem and my computer as well as clearing the cache, again. I am open to suggestions at this point as to how to fix it. I have sent in a ticket as well.
  5. As a premium member, you should be able to sign in then go to submit a ticket and get live help. Otherwise you can file a regular support ticket. What usually causes this is they tried to bill you for your membership fees/tier and it didn't go through, though if billing won't tell you much, I would keep calling back until you get somone that will look a little deeper for you.
  6. "I got the avi more or less back in shape by doing this, changing avatars etc., but there's still a problem in that I have something on me I can't get off - namely, something that may have been named "Girl Next Door - Eyebrowshaper" (that's what's in Description in Properties now), but was renamed to "New Outfit Hair" or something like that when I made the mistake of saving an outfit (supposably my original default Girl Next Door avi or a variant of that one) with the name-change thing checked. I may want to keep the eyebrowshaper as part of my usual avi, but I'd also like to *be able* to get rid of it and not have the feeling that something's wrong." What you are looking at is a hairbase. There are 2 different types of hair in SL. Once upon a time, you avi came with system hair that looked painted on. In order to cover this up, you had to wear a hairbase, basically a bald cap. Because of the placement, they also can have different eyebrow shapes and colors on them. Many skin designers use them for that. Once you put one on, however, they are like your skin. It can only be replaced, not taken off. That's why when you take the prim hair off, you are bald.
  7. The black skin thing is a bug with some video cards. Sometimes you can clear it by rebake. Sometimes it takes changing your skin to a different skin and then changing back. I can remember one about a year ago that it looked like your skin had gotten too big or was melting putting your lips on your chin, your nose on your mouth, etc. As for the other..check your transactions, being sure to check for 0L transactions as well to see if anything was received or sent by your avi. I would suggest changing your password and be sure you use something random and be sure that you don't have your remember password checked if others in your household have access to your computer. If someone in your household does have accesss, sound like they were playing. If not, and nothing was missing, change your password and report it to LL. Good luck.
  8. Just some general info I was given by a Linden when I was an SL mentor. You avi is actually on 3 different servers every time you log in. One server has your basic avatar, your account info and the library stuff. The second has the inventory you aquire as your flit about SL. The third is the server the region you are in resides on. When everything is working perfectly (haha), you are connected to all 3 when you log in. If they aren't you get various errors. If you don't connect up to the server with your inventory on it, then you appear as a cloud. The reason your character test gets rid of the cloud and replaces it with a Ruth is that the Ruth is in the inventory we are all issued. If you log in and get moved, generally means that you can't be connected to the server the region you were in and are moved to one of the default welcome area locations. If you get a partial connection, you may not have access to all of your personal inventory. It is still there on the server, you just can't get to it. Kind of like you are in your house and you can't get the door open to your bedroom. Your stuff is still there, you just can't get to it. Clearing your cache forces the server your avatar is on to redo the communications, kind of like climbing through the window you left open to get to your stuff. The servers sometimes don't communicate well with each other either. How many times have you tried to teleport from one place to another and can't. You then TP to a different location and you can get where you wanted to go without a problem. Kind of like having to go a different way to the store because the main road is under construction or there's an accident. Hope this info helps. Message was edited by: Tempest LefevreOne thing I forgot..your 3 servers may also be in several different cities, though not as bad as it used to be since they moved the servers in San Francisco to Texas. This means any hiccups in the internet connections between the 3 servers will also cause you problems.
  9. I understand. I have been in SL for almost 4 years now. It freaked me out when it started with me because I had just opened a box I had gotten from a MM board and was worried that what was happening came from the box. It obviously wasn't, but still, we all get surprised sometimes.
  10. The object you are talking about is a known griefer tool. It spams your screen until you lag out and crash. I had it used by someone once that wanted a sandbox all to themselves. I had just gone there to open up a merged item from my lost and found from a massive return and knew I would need the space. Those thing can randomly grab an avatar name and spoof it. It doesn't mean your account was hacked, just your name was used. Just let the people that contacted you that this is what happened. That "control box" does nothing and means nothing. In fact, I showed those results to the resident greifer expert at Sensual Stoneworks who went to where I was having the problem and investigated it since she had not seen that before. It is my understanding that she is working on a block for it as well as a way to detect who is really sending it. I can remember back when I first started SL there was a griefer tool that started when I landed in the welcome area. It was screaming out racial ephithets with my name attached to it so it looked like I was the one shouting out that crap. Griefers will use anyone and anything to get their jollies. Good luck
  11. This is a problem that showed up with the new server...were those in private sims? I had the same problem in a sim the other day...couldn't walk, stuck in one place. I could sit in a lucky chair that was nearby, but when I stood up, still in the walking mode and not moving. A sim restart solved the problem. Good luck.
  12. If you are over land it counts as prims on that land, so yes, you would need land to have it rezzed. A lot of people use skyboxes of one sort or another for privacy so that someone doesn't come walking in. Good luck
  13. Check the spam and trash folders. If it isn't there, you can open a ticket with you email and use the one for trouble opening an account. They will send you an email for info. You answer those questions and they will manually set you up. You then call to get the temporary password to get online. Takes about 2 days or so....good luck
  14. It is quite probably that the island is no longer around so you are out your money if you had teir paid in advance. As for your objects,check your lost and found folder and see if you have a box that looks like a bunch of boxes stuck together named after one of your objects. That is probably all your stuff. You will need to go to a sandbox or a new parcel you rent to open it since everything you had will rez out in the position it was in when it was returned. Hope this helps and good luck.
  15. You can TP anywhere because you are the owner of the sim. However, if you have a landing point set, all other avatars, unless you have them set up in your group differently, can only TP to that point. If they try to TP to another point on the sim, they will still end up at the TP point. There are 2 ways around this. One is to create your group, set the land to the group and then give them a tag that allows them to TP around. The other is to set up a TP system and set the system to group. The Fnordian system is great. You set it out and it will automatically link to all the others in the same sim that you own, no setup required. You can set certain pads to group only or avatar only access as well. Hope that helps.
  16. NCI offer classes on micro prims. It costs nothing and is well worth your time as you get the instructions as well as textures you can use. In fact there is one on 11/21 at 1:00 PM SLT. Check your search then education for the location. You will want to be there early.
  17. Take a look at your screen inworld and you will see search, pull that up and go to events. You can get all the events, though that will be a bit overwhelming since a lot of people put promotional sales and such in there. So, you have a pulldown menu that will allow you to be a bit more selective about what events you are looking for. You can meet a lot of nice people at clubs, learning to build, etc. Also, join some of the chat groups for things you are interested in. You can meet people and talk to them in the group chats too...have fun.
  18. Personally, I prefer security orbs to ban lines. Ban lines are so ugly and go up 300 m or so above your land so can make navigation on a sim rather difficult. A security orb will do the job for your personal property without interfering in navigation and preserve the esthetics. But that is personal preference, of course.
  19. SL, at least right now, is not enforcing the alt account numbers other than only allowing 5 alts per email address. I have several alts for various reasons, including groups that I need to belong to for RP and merchant groups that I just don't have room for with the 25 group limit. With just a few exceptions, they are outfited using freebies and Midnight Mania stuff. Have fun in SL with your alts.
  20. What is more likely is that you are "ghosted." This means that your avatar did not completely disconnect from the grid and as far as SL is concerned, you are still connected. I would be willing to bet that if you have an alt and went where you avi was or had a friend check, your avatar would still be there. I had an alt that I created to help with flipping Lucky Chairs stuck floating in a store for 2 days until the sim owners came back and restarted. I have also had it happen in the RP sims I play in. Usually, when it is that bad, you have to get a sim restart. If you are on a mainland sim, that can take forever, hence why I rarely go to the mainland anymore. Your avi will eventually be logged out, but if you are on a mainland sim, LL has to restart it. Hope that helps.
  21. Just remember that this is not a "game" in the traditional sense of the word, like WOW and other on line. This is a virtual world where you interact with people just as you would walking out your door at home. There are sims where you can play that are similar to WoW, but wait to go there until you get your feet under you. Be sure to take your time on the help portal you start in before you move onto the main world. There is a lot of very basic info there that you will need to survive and make your experience more enjoyable. Once you get inwork, look at your screen and you will see a search button, click that then select the tab that says events. Under that select the pull down menu and select education. NCI has a number of classes that will introduce you to SL in general and will teach you how to use all the lovely navigation tools you have on your screen. The classes are free, so take advantage of them. Good luck and welcome to your Second Life.
  22. My question here is are the invisible patches where you have prims attaches, such as hair, show forms, sleeves, etc.? If so, what you are seeing as a running problem with alpha textures. It has to do with the channels of the textures battleing with each other. You see the same thing happen with trees appearing to be coming through the walls of a house when you know it isn't. Since the majority of the textures in SL are alpha textures, there really isn't anything you can do about it other than live with it...Sorry.
  23. First I would suggest you use the search on the bottom of your screen and search for the Bright AO. It is free and has really nice animations so you don't have to do the Linden duck walk. Next, you can keep the original avi you have or start tricking in out. A good way to do that is to join several Midnight Mania groups. That way you can get a variety of skins, avatars, clothes, buildings, etc and get to know some of the stores around. There are also a number of hunts going on where you go from store to store looking for a hidden object of some kind that will have a free gift from the store, which is another way of getting to know the grid and what is available out there. I have found some of my favorite stores from a grid hunt.Again, using your search, look under events and then search under education. There are a number of classes offered by NCI, among others, that give you a lot of information about SL and what to do. You can also look under Showcase for some of the places to go to in SL. From there, use your imagination and have fun.
  24. It is also possible that the box the dress is in has more than 150 parts, odd but true. Try going to a sandbox to rez the box and see how many prims it is. Some vendors, it seems, are spending more time and effort on their boxes than the items in them. I have opened boxes that the box itself is 80 prims and the outfit inside sucks. Just a thought.
  25. http://modularsystems.sl/index.php?option=com_agora&task=topic&id=913&Itemid=2 The solution to the problem is in that thread..good luck.
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