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  1. First, you can log out and back in, yes? If not, you are probably ghosted and need a sim restart. If you can and can move around, then pick a sim name. Pooley works here. Now, log out and go to log back in. On your start page you should have a pulldown that says My last location, my home, and type location here. Type in Pooley or choose your home if you have a home point set. Now log back in. That will log you in to a different sim. That should get you to a different sim. Good luck.
  2. That's the command I was looking for. I couldn't remember what it was and no one I asked inworld seemed to be able to recall what it was...Thanks.
  3. I have done all that. I also removed SL from my computer completely and reinstalled. Still having the problem...worst part is this is where I am renting an apartment, so I spend a bit of time here.
  4. I logged in with an alt and the sim I was in was being restarted and I got caught in the restart, no problem, it's happened before. When I logged back in I was stuck as a cloud. Cleared cache and relogged, still a cloud. So, I went to a different alt that was in another sim. Cloud for a bit, but then that cleared. I TPd into the sim my first alt was in and get the message that SL couldn't complete the region transition, even though I was there. I logged off and back on as that alt and I was back where I started and stuck as a cloud. I TPd to a neighboring sim and had no problems. Cloud went aw
  5. As a premium member, you should be able to sign in then go to submit a ticket and get live help. Otherwise you can file a regular support ticket. What usually causes this is they tried to bill you for your membership fees/tier and it didn't go through, though if billing won't tell you much, I would keep calling back until you get somone that will look a little deeper for you.
  6. "I got the avi more or less back in shape by doing this, changing avatars etc., but there's still a problem in that I have something on me I can't get off - namely, something that may have been named "Girl Next Door - Eyebrowshaper" (that's what's in Description in Properties now), but was renamed to "New Outfit Hair" or something like that when I made the mistake of saving an outfit (supposably my original default Girl Next Door avi or a variant of that one) with the name-change thing checked. I may want to keep the eyebrowshaper as part of my usual avi, but I'd also like to *be able*
  7. The black skin thing is a bug with some video cards. Sometimes you can clear it by rebake. Sometimes it takes changing your skin to a different skin and then changing back. I can remember one about a year ago that it looked like your skin had gotten too big or was melting putting your lips on your chin, your nose on your mouth, etc. As for the other..check your transactions, being sure to check for 0L transactions as well to see if anything was received or sent by your avi. I would suggest changing your password and be sure you use something random and be sure that you don't have your reme
  8. Just some general info I was given by a Linden when I was an SL mentor. You avi is actually on 3 different servers every time you log in. One server has your basic avatar, your account info and the library stuff. The second has the inventory you aquire as your flit about SL. The third is the server the region you are in resides on. When everything is working perfectly (haha), you are connected to all 3 when you log in. If they aren't you get various errors. If you don't connect up to the server with your inventory on it, then you appear as a cloud. The reason your character test gets rid o
  9. I understand. I have been in SL for almost 4 years now. It freaked me out when it started with me because I had just opened a box I had gotten from a MM board and was worried that what was happening came from the box. It obviously wasn't, but still, we all get surprised sometimes.
  10. The object you are talking about is a known griefer tool. It spams your screen until you lag out and crash. I had it used by someone once that wanted a sandbox all to themselves. I had just gone there to open up a merged item from my lost and found from a massive return and knew I would need the space. Those thing can randomly grab an avatar name and spoof it. It doesn't mean your account was hacked, just your name was used. Just let the people that contacted you that this is what happened. That "control box" does nothing and means nothing. In fact, I showed those results to the resident greif
  11. This is a problem that showed up with the new server...were those in private sims? I had the same problem in a sim the other day...couldn't walk, stuck in one place. I could sit in a lucky chair that was nearby, but when I stood up, still in the walking mode and not moving. A sim restart solved the problem. Good luck.
  12. If you are over land it counts as prims on that land, so yes, you would need land to have it rezzed. A lot of people use skyboxes of one sort or another for privacy so that someone doesn't come walking in. Good luck
  13. Check the spam and trash folders. If it isn't there, you can open a ticket with you email and use the one for trouble opening an account. They will send you an email for info. You answer those questions and they will manually set you up. You then call to get the temporary password to get online. Takes about 2 days or so....good luck
  14. It is quite probably that the island is no longer around so you are out your money if you had teir paid in advance. As for your objects,check your lost and found folder and see if you have a box that looks like a bunch of boxes stuck together named after one of your objects. That is probably all your stuff. You will need to go to a sandbox or a new parcel you rent to open it since everything you had will rez out in the position it was in when it was returned. Hope this helps and good luck.
  15. You can TP anywhere because you are the owner of the sim. However, if you have a landing point set, all other avatars, unless you have them set up in your group differently, can only TP to that point. If they try to TP to another point on the sim, they will still end up at the TP point. There are 2 ways around this. One is to create your group, set the land to the group and then give them a tag that allows them to TP around. The other is to set up a TP system and set the system to group. The Fnordian system is great. You set it out and it will automatically link to all the others in the same s
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