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  1. Continuing on my last question because not sure how to add this question with that one. Greetings! The error message on log in screen says Log In Failed! All log ins have been temporarily disabled. See the Grid Status Report . It gives the link and when I click on it I don't get that page. I get the log in for the Forums. i logged in and nothing was there so I asked the question. Someone answered it, but she gave me a new link and it did the same thing. Why can't I get to the Grid Status Report and when someone did it said all RESOLVED! What's up please? Blue
  2. i just tried to log into the Viewer and received a message. "Log In Failed. Log ins to Second Life have been temporarily disabled. Please monitor the Grid Status Page to stay Updated". I clicked on the link and everything says RESOLVED in front of it. During this time I was logged into MarketPlace which is the same log in, same account. How to I get logged in, please? I have to go to work. Someone help! lol Why after 6+yrs am I just this month receiving the New Resident title? Just can't figure that one out. lol Sorry Respectfully your's, Blue Porchers
  3. I use paypal. I always have. Now Lindens's are saying that PayPal says I have no funding source. I have the same funding source as I always have and PayPal works fine for Facebook etc. Why am I having this trouble? I need to pay tiers today. I own a large mall that I have to pay for. Please help me.
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