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  1. As soon as I had a perfect stranger asking me for friendship in-world, where my profile is hidden, I feared that my profile MUST be visible on the web. In fact, it was. I would recommend that everyone who hid their profile in-world use their privacy settings on the web and set them so they do not allow their profile to be available to everyone, or they will be flooded with networkers' requests for useless friendships. The networking maniacs are a royal pain in the a**, and I know this for a fact since I am on Facebook, too. Mind you, I like to make friends, but I am slightly old-fashioned, I need to meet them in the flesh FIRST. Of course, LL should have taken our in-world privacy into account for starters, but no. Another proof they ignore their customers even when they say they listen to them. Sandor
  2. In almost 4 years of my Second Life and having seen the work of two different CEOs, your first message really moved me, Rod. You approached this world with the humility and the fascination of any novice and did not start your new job by patronizing your customers with hype based on your view of what a viable business should be. Seeing your snapshots with your early attempts at landscaping, building and scripting brought back a lot of marvelous memories about the magic of SL and the unparallelled potentialities this world may offer any user who scrapes under the surface. I know that LL must be profitable to survive, but I also feel that we residents can contribute the most to its profitability, when we are treated as what we are, customers, not subjects, and when we feel our ideas and suggestions really matter. In the last few years, this has simply never happened. It is time to go back to the origins, when residents were important, and you seem to be on the right path. I have the feeling, and I hope it won't change over time, that we will soon turn from customers into friends. Good luck and welcome, resident! Sandor Balczo
  3. I am a Mac user too, and as long as: 1. Full screen view is not available (I don't care if it has been removed because someone is unable to fix it); 2. The viewer freezes the whole OS as soon as the Mac OS system screensaver is on (and sorry, I am not disabling the screensaver because someone at LL continues to ignore the Mac OS) I am not using the Viewer 2 in any form whatsoever. LL should better leave the viewer 1.23 (which now works fairly well on the Mac) available and forward-compatible for as long as it survives as a company. All things considered, I am afraid it will not be very long. Sandor
  4. Ah, so THIS is the alternative offer for educators who were complaining about the closure of Teen SL and the barring of 13 to 15 year olds on the Main Grid. Congratulations, LL. If your secret (or not so secret) agenda is reducing the number of customers (and therefore, maintenance expenses) drastically, you are being very successful. I wonder what your next smart move will be to kick the rest of us out of your grid. Sandor
  5. Salaam Mohammed! This is not the correct forum for technical questions, but since you must be very new to SL I would like to guide you. Go to www.secondlife.com Scroll to the bottom of the page. Click on the very noticeable icon reading Download SL. In the next page you cannot ignore the existence of a download link to the viewer you are looking for, right on on top of the page. Although it is recommended for Vista and lower OS versions, it will work on Windows 7. If the installation is unsuccessful, return to www.secondlife.com and from the top menu select Help and Support. Sandor
  6. Welcome Kim! A few months ago a good friend of mine who is also a resident of SL and my current SL partner told me that SL could only improve if it were bought by Blizzard. It hasn't happened yet but if you were hired, he should be glad his prediction was indirectly correct. I know that marketing has little to do with technical support, generally, and my business experience tells me that the two departments actually tend to clash when it comes to times of release to market, but I frankly still wonder why LL is reducing expenditure on development and technical support, axing Community Gateways, merging the Teen Grid with the Mature grid and hiring a VP of Marketing instead of a VP of Research and Development. Or rather, perhaps I know why this is happening, and this is even sadder: so far, LL has made an awful lot of bad, bad, bad marketing decisions AND did not improve the product at all. Someone must have decided it is time to straighten all this mess up, but it might be a tad too late for a product that has lost a lot of its original allure. You have a big challenge ahead of you: convincing us and the rest of the world you are marketing an excellent product. The current reality is: it is not an excellent product, it is beta software, it has been since 2003 (and seven years of beta testing are out of the question for most companies that want to remain in the software business) and we had to live with it in the delusion it would improve somewhat, a delusion that has been ingrained in LL's staff from top management down until Philip Rosedale snapped LL out of this delusion. It is ironic that he is the same man who created this delusion back in 1999-2001. More than luck, you need a lot of balls, pardon my offcolor language. I know a few women in the business who are really tough for the job, I do sincerely hope you will knock us all out. Sandor
  7. Dear Uicop, Under these circumstances, the first step to take is cache clearing. Do this: 1. Go to Edit, Preferences (Me, Preferences in Viewer 2). 2. Click on the Network Tab. 3. Click on the Clear Cache button and click OK. 4. Restart Second Life. Good luck, Sandor
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