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  1. I'm not sure who marks a question "answered", but I believe this one is not. This appears to be a much broader problem that sometimes includes Javascript, sometimes a Nikon camera profile, sometimes a Macintosh. See this thread with illustrations for other perspectives. http://forums.aurigma.com/yaf_postst2069_PRB-Thumbnails-for-Some-JPEG-Files-Are-Too-Dark-Image-Uploader-for-Java.aspx I actually have this same problem in Wikipedia, Facebook. Up until my LCD monitor broke, and I had to use an old ViewSonic UltraBrite, I *thought* the problem might simply be an incompatibility between my quite old (professional) camera, and the graphics card tech for a PC card purchased only last year. Now that both monitors have the same problem, the above thread seems more likely. Regards, Snow
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