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  1. I'm looking for a few somebodies with Alts to run errands for me in SL. Think of it as Mystery Shopping, only you actually get L$ for your efforts. This isn't a regular job with spectacular pay, but you can make L$50 for a few minutes work with the opportunity to earn L$75 every few days thereafter. IM me, JOY IDDINJA, to discuss the position. I need multiple helpers, so don't be shy!
  2. Has breeding dwarfins lost its appeal, but you are stuck with tons of Birthrocks? Are you leaving SL all together and want your Dwarfins and their rocks to find a good home? Well, have no fear. I've helped several Dwarfin breeders liquidate their stock and I may be able to help you too! IM me, JOY IDDINJA, with your needs and I'll get bak to you as soon as I next log on.
  3. Hi. I got an IM from a scripter willing to discuss creating some sort of scripted chair for me and I accidentally destroyed it when I was trying to get rid of another IM. I didn't even get the name. Can somoene help me?
  4. Not all camping is illegal. Prize camping is considered a form of advertising and as I explained before, a means of getting interested breedable enthusiasts who might not have much linden but know others who do into my shop. I'm not giving out money, but an object that has little interest to anyone not into them already. Bots I definitely don't want and would only buy a camping system that worked against them. Yes, it will help with traffic, but that is just a side benefit.
  5. I am currently operating a breedables business and want to bring in more traffic. However, I don't want just any old campers, or worse, bots. I want campers who have some interest in the breedables I enjoy. In short I want campers who are either potential customers as well, or who know potential customers. To this end, I want to be able to give some of my excess breedables away in a camping chair. However, these objects are NO COPY / NO MOD, and no chair I've seen so far knows how to handle prizes that are no copy. Does anyone know if a system, preferably a script that I can add to my own chair, that will work? PS - I'm looking for a CAMPING system, not a lucky chair or game with prizes.
  6. I'm seeking adult writers to take short stories and detailed plot outlines and turn them into audio scripts to be read in my club. Each script will be 20-30 minutes in legth and deal with adult subject matter. I pay L$500 for each finished script, plus offer a tip jar for each writer at the club during performances. If interested, you MUST contact me, JOY IDDINJA, for an interview. I will not accept manuscripts without an interview.
  7. Hi. I need to know if something is possible, and then if anyone knows if there is a HUD for it already. I'm looking for a hud that when attached to an avatar, can channel an audio stream URL (live or prerecorded) through that avatar's voice chat. and would be heard by anyone in range of that avatar as regular voice chat. Does this already exist or is somebody working on it already? It would make coordinating performances at the live performance club I'm working on much easier. Is it even possible?
  8. I'm seeking an SL script or gadget that I can use to start a club. The club I'm considering starting is performance based and in SL that has historically been a no-starter as there was no means by which to outst freeloaders. So it hit me, couldn't you create a security orb that could be programed to allow a visitor a limited amount of time to pay cover charge to an object and if they fail to pay the amount, they get ejected from the land? If they returned, they would have 30 seconds to pay or leave and then would be ejected again and again, etc. This would allow people to sample the performances but not be able to freeload and make clubs unprofitable. Is there such a device already that I've not seen that works this way? Is this technically impossible in SL or am I not seeing the flaw? I''m sure I can't be the only one who's thought of this.
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