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    It just happened to me too ComfortAnn, its not us its Marketplace... ARGH
  2. Yes ChinRey no real explaination at all. You get to guess whats wrong. Everyone of those listings have been in my shop for several years. So it isnt like they're brandie new listings. As a matter of fact I sold two of the Grits lowcuts just the day before. You get no chance to fix whats wrong or told whats wrong, they just do a general point at the TOS and expect you to figure it out. Every one of the items tagged has a Rebel flag on it, so NO there are no brand names on the items and I have never used the Quick Fill function. I dont even put in search words anymore because I obviously didnt d
  3. NOT TRUE, I was told directly from Linden Labs that if I would become a Premium member that I could actually speak to someone about expectations and what was wrong, otherwise you can submit a ticket and have a nice day or dont
  4. Thanks for your response Monti but NOPE, I have been flagged before with the same explaination, and only got to guess at what that statement ment. Its not about my items, its about someone flagging me to be evil. I am just closing my store. I am so sick of not getting REAL answers or even a chance to fix what is claimed to be wrong. If you dont become a Prime member you're treated like trash.. I am SO DONE. Thanks for your time Monti. Some of them say; Practices-Harmful or disruptive content. ??? WTH does that mean? Rebel Till I Die is Harmful? PFFT. EVERYTHING that got flagged and blocked ha
  5. Why is it that Linden Labs can just block an item on your Marketplace shop with no other explaination than; The item has been blocked due to Spam or Disallowed Listing Practices??I work hard in my shop and take extra care to make sure all items are in the proper categories. I get no actual explaination as to what was wrong with the listing, it just gets blocked. You dont even get the opportunity to fix it, they just block it.This crap just makes me want to empty my shop and be done with it. This just means anyone that may have it in for you can flag something and it gets blocked. After 8 years
  6. THANK YOU Rolig for making that more clear and I will do as I have done before, list a ticket. Even though I'll expect to get the same response as the last time I tried to figure out why, which was nothing. And nope the lack of response for help in this area doesnt suprise me one bit. I appreciate your time in this matter and have a nice weekend
  7. Well Rolig. NO its not that LL hasnt noticed yet. I've paid attention. It seems the only time you can get any legitimate answers are if you're a premium member. So I do not feel my example is "BAD". And yes its true its "what I really want to know". I do however thank you for your response and just where do I find the Marketplace >>> Marketplace Item Listing Issues? In the forums? the blogs? Knowledge base? And NO I will not point out others that list trademarks, but they're listed is my point and they have been listed for a very long time. The listing I'm talking about has NO tradema
  8. I have serveral MP listings that have been blocked. They give no reason as to why they're blocked except the usual TOS crap. Some of these I see NO reason as to WHY they're blocked. Is there anyone that I can contact about this and do I have to be a premium member to get any real results? I understand why some of them were, they claim I've used a trademark, however some of them are not related to ANY trademark and still remain blocked. and YES I've tried relisting them and they still get blocked. I actually dont even understand if I did have a trademark when I search and see that many others h
  9. I'm in an MC in SL. We're being constantly bagered by another MC that we used to belong to, He and his MC continue to make alts as well as login old alts, crashing our meetings and the mainland we have our clubhouse. Even though the land is set to group only, they continue to evade our land and our SL time with constant attacks of various sorts. From graphics crashing to sim crashing and IMs from alts with nasty verbal abuse. I muted more than 8 alts in one night and reported it. It continues We've turned in various abuse reports ranging from verbal abuse and others to try and get these peopl
  10. Perhaps but ya never know. Thank you for the reply. I'll continue to look
  11. I figure its worth a shot since I've dug every hair store I could think of. I would love to know where to get this hair. I sent a NC to the store owner and left a message on her blog but to no avail If anyone has seen it I'd love to hear from you.. thank you for your time https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Vassnia-The-Mean-Weasel/581656
  12. Well how do we report such relistings because people are doing it all over the place. Plus you cant relist the review it keeps giving me a review has been flagged and cant relist the review.. even after they relisted it.. This pretty much defeats why its even there..
  13. Well I have tried several times to submit a ticket and get errors all over the place just trying to get simple answers as to what exactly it is that I am doing wrong with my listings. I have been told that I have used direct words to logos or trademarks and not using search words correctly. I've had my account suspended for 7 days because of this lack of understanding. I have tried many times to get answers and continue to get the auto response run around and I attribute this to lack of having the money to be a *Premium* member, nor can I speak to an actual person to give me answers because of
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