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  1. Nope, but I've realized that my problem might have something to do with the Bones Pro plug-in. Didn't happen with other items I created before with the same process though. Well, back to testing and thank you for your reply
  2. I've created a quick rigged mesh for a test (a couple of boxes) and whenever I wear it it disappears and it makes my avatar disappear as well. My avatar stays invisible until I detach that particular rigged mesh (the boxes) AND attach another rigged mesh (i.e. a skirt I've made). I haven't had this happening before with any of my rigged meshes, so I'm wondering what might be different this time. In creating the boxes (in 3ds Max 2010) what I did was: create one box, apply edit poly modifier, collapse to edit poly, creating a new box by copying the first one, attaching the second box to the first one and apply skin modifier. Everything is fine in 3ds Max and fine in the preview in Viewer 3 (also when I check the weights preview). After the upload, I can rez my mesh and it looks as it should, if I wear it... everything becomes invisible (attached mesh and avatar). Any clue why this is happening? Thank you very much in advance for your replies :)
  3. You need to have payment info on file as well
  4. Gosh, I didn't even think about trying to run it as administrator, it worked! Thank you very much! The odd thing is: last week I've been able to do it just fine without running it as admin... and I'm on Vista BTW.
  5. Hello everybody, I might be slightly OT, but I know a lot of people here is exporting their custom shape to their favourite 3d software to build mesh around it, so... ...my "new_archetype.xml" file isn't there anymore and I can't seem to be able to export it again with any of the viewers I have. My boyfriend has just tried the same thing with his pc with no success... am I missing something? I was able to export my custom shape a few days ago and now I can't, is it happening to any of you? Thank you in advance for your replies :)
  6. Chip Midnight wrote: ...but it's probably always going to be necessary to go through my hand and tweak the weights on each vert by hand. ...which is what I did. Ahhh, the joys of rigging and weighting in Max
  7. That's what I ended up doing... it still needed quite some tweaking though...
  8. Hello everybody. I'm using Wiz Daxter importer in 3ds Max and, until today I haven't had any problem importing the skin data to my models. The thing is: until today, I had only made pieces of clothing that didn't extend from upper to lower body (t-shirts, trousers and so on), but then I've decided to make a dress and can't find a way to import the skin data from both upper and lower body into my dress. I've found an article that suggested to extract the skin data from the two different meshes, then attach them and import the (in theory) combined skin data in the final model (my dress), but the attached meshes with skin data seem to retain only the skin data of one of the two meshes (upper or lower depending on the order in which I attach them). Any solution? Thank you very much in advance :)
  9. Miranda... I don't get you... "virtual money"? I don't know if you sell your items inside SL or just give them away for free, but I can assure you that my SL store makes me earn real money that pays for real bills, so I'm more than concerned about IP rights in and outside SL. It's not just "fun" for a lot of us creators.
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