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  1. If, hypothetically, this was an estate ban and I had originated from another region would I not then have been ejected immediately I entered the region in question? I had been there for at least 25 to 30 mins or more, looking around from table to table, buying one item, then buying another, then finally a third item. I had just then taken this 3rd purchase into my inventory, because at most Yard Sales you are buying the original item which is on display and set for sale, so you buy it and then you own it, so you have to take it into your inventory, when I suddenly found myself back at my home location, but with no message or indication as to why.
  2. As I have previously explained, I don't have Music, Media or Voice activated when I go to other sims. Not specifically because of any security issues, but simply because I don't want to hear the music or see/hear the media that is playing there. I personally find it annoying and distracting. Therefore, I can categorically state that I DID NOT have any of the above activated anytime I entered that particular region in the past and as such, I have not given my consent to any data being taken from me in order for external data to be sent to me i.e. music or video. And again, if LL have made code changes in order for my IP Address to be used to block any suspected griefing actions by me then I have no issues with this. But, I would still like to know why I was banned in the first place? An answer which has never been forthcoming.
  3. If this is a LL implemented code change, then I have no problem whatsoever with them obtaining any information through the use of IP Tracking. I have already provided them with my full Name, Address and email whne I signed up to using SL. If, on the other hand, it is a 3rd party sim owner having the same ability to track and obtain personal information about me, such as my real world location from my IP Address, then that is something I do have an issue with. I have previously explained at the very beginning of thispost, how the person in question wanted me to go to his website and then enter my email address to submit a ticket on this case? So, if he had (and I say if) my IP Address and potentially my location, he also then wanted my email address too?
  4. Could it be possible there is another loophole that has been discovered and now needs to be closed?
  5. You say you know how to make IP Trackers? May I ask why you would want to?
  6. I've often found that just because I don't know how something works, or I am unable to make something myself, it doesn't necessarily mean that someone else doesn't know and can't make it. So, Linden Labs, do you know how this was/is being done and is it something 'YOU' have implemented or not? I wonder if they will answer???
  7. Seems to be not?.... But not conclusive either way! Which still means it's possible that an IP Address Tracker was being used by the owner and not perhaps a LL implemented code change. It would be very useful if an 'official' LL representative could confirm or deny if they have made such a change in the code.
  8. This initial incident took place 4 weeks ago. Attempts were then made over a period of a few days in the first week only, depending on my daughters availablity, because unlike many others, I don't see fit to create an alternative account. No recent attempts to teleport there by myself or my daughter have since been made because neither of us have the slightest interest in returning to that location. That being said, each time we had tried (unsuccessfully) in that first week we each saw or screens go the staturory black as though a teleport was in progress, a boxed message then appeared in the center of our screens, black background with white text. Mine said ... 'You are banned from entering this region'. Hers said.... 'You do not have access to this location'. There were no progress bars, because each time it happened vitually instantaneously. Yesterday, my daughter was able to come to my home, so I asked her to again attempt to tp there. She was able to with no problem. I then attempted to teleport there and this time I arrived...... No Messages. I can only now assume that whatever device, code, script etc was being used at the time, has either now been changed or withdrawn. How exactly it was coded or scripted I really have no interest in. What did interest me was why I had been banned (which I still have no explanation or apology for) in the first place and the fact that my IP Address MUST have been utilised in the process for my daughter to also have been prevented from entering the region immediately after my own attempts after I changed my IP Address. If, you can prove to me that IP Addresses were not being used to be able to do this then all well and good, but if not and it is still the only possible explanation, wether it be a scripted device the owner was using, or some code change LL has made (which I am still not convinced of), then I believe that each person has the right to know this so we all have the informed choice as to wether we then wish to enter a specific region, or not.
  9. You may want to use that light yourself and shine it on my initial post which explained fully exactly what happened, 4th paragraph, last sentence..... Surprise surprise, when she tried to teleport to (SITE NAME WITHELD TO CONFORM TO PRIVACY LAWS), she received a message saying she didn't have access to that location. Not banned, just no access. My daughter gets a pop up message saying.... 'You do not have access to this location'. That's it, nothing more.
  10. If it's a standard SL code and I'm on an Estate ban, then why is it my daughter gets blocked immediately after I attempt to tp there, but if I change my IP Address and she then attempts to tp there first, she can? So her avatar name is not being blocked, it can't be?
  11. I really don't think LL have implimented a facility to enable IP Address banning. It makes no sense as I've already proved. It's only a matter of rebooting your Router/Modem to obtain a new IP Address. So if you are a griefer, you simply create another avatar and change IP Addresses before using it.
  12. All I can relay to you is the sequence of events as they happened. I'm no scripter, so I have no idea how its being done. But, for a different avatar to be told they do not have access to a region, immediately after I have attempted to tp there and the other avatar is logged in from my RL address and using the same IP Address as myself... you tell me how it can possibly be happening, if my IP Address is not somehow being utilised in this equation?
  13. I don't get booted, I never arrive to get booted, I get a message telling me I am banned from this region. My daughter, when she is unable to tp there gets a message saying she does not have access to this region. She never gets a 'you are banned' message, just a 'you don't have access to this region' message.
  14. I really had tried all possible permutaions. I disabled Music, Media and Voice before attempting to tp again (after changing my IP Address of course, but I still received the ... 'You are banned from this region' message and then subsequent attempts my my daughter from my RL home also stopped her going there, but her message simply stated she did not have access to this region. If I then changed my IP Address and my daughter then made the first attempt to tp to the region, she got the usualy messages... 'connecting to region'... then 'arriving'... and she enters the region with no problems. again, I must stipulate, that I really couldn't care less if I can go there or not. What does rile me though, is the unjust accusations that have obviously been made against me and then the owner, not even bothering to make an attempt to look into it and explain why. Therefore I have to assume he wants to hide something from being publicly found out. I have learnt one thing in recent days though. Someone I know, also knows the region owner, not as a friend, but has had dealing with him in the past and knows for a fact that apparently he is quite an accomplished scriptor. Make of that what you will.......!
  15. What you have described as having happened to you is exactly the same series of events that I have encountered.
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