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  1. Thanks for Madelaine for this complete Run smoothly on my Macbook Pro retina only the menu and fonts is affected & and can be corrected by apply a different echelle resolution. Otherwise running on High Settings without problem. Graphics are very good without lag. :matte-motes-tongue:
  2. Not sûre about the resolution used by the different client but same in full screen mode Thanks for your help
  3. Thanks for all your informations Time to wait a potential update of the client
  4. Thx Default configured at 2x Nothing change at 8X and 16x ... Run correclty without lag but everything is blurred ... Probably due to the high resolution of this new macbook 2880 x 1800 Graphic Card is : Nvidia GeForce GT 650M 1go
  5. Hi all, I'm opening a new thread for all owners , or interested on the new Macbook Retina & SecondLife Parameters ? Optimisations ? Future update ? At this time, the client run correcly but resolution make blur on details ... especially arount the player (not too far) Playing on high parameters
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